View Full Version : 8 teens arrsted in beating of Lakeland girl

04-08-2008, 01:43 PM
been a few snippets about this on the news today, and a few stories floating around. The gist of it is that a girl posted some insulting comments about a group of other girls on myspace, she was later beaten by six girls as two boys served as lookouts while the act was being videotaped to be posted on youtube.

What got me was no so much the story itself, but an interview with parents in which they made the comment (something like): "this myspace, this youtube has gone too far. "

la-de-freakin da! Of course it's all myspace and youtubes fault! kids never badmouthed each other and beat each other down before these technological revolutions came into place. And surely the responsibility of YOUR own children can't be placed in YOUR hands. The girls father actually referred to youtube as "the anti-Christ for children". Yep, it's all the websites fault. Let's just be sure not to mention that the young lady wasn't even living at home with the parents because, from accounts I have seen, she was kicked out by you guys. Or that she was on probation for physically fighting with her mother before. So her problems certainly couldn't be your crappy parenting, or a result of you shipping her off to live with Grandma because you suck as parents. Nope nope, it's all myspace and youtubes fault.

I did a speech on this recently, about how so much blame for things such as this, and child predators, are pushed off onto sites like myspace... and that's B.S. How about the parents raise their children, be a part of their lives, and quit blaming everyone else for their own poor parenting. For this particular case, perhaps the PARENTS should have been monitoring their kid's myspace activity in the first place, and maybe this horrible thing would have never happened. And the same goes for the parents of all the assailants (who will be tried as adults apparently). I mean, a feud develops over some time... a beat down occurs for over half an hour, and a sum total of 18 adults who are responsible for these children are where? Eh, guess it's just easier to blame poor Tom.

Makes me sick