View Full Version : Barack did it! (rasslin' related)

04-22-2008, 02:49 PM
OK, I said I'd be impressed if Barack went all "The Rock" on us... and he did last night on Raw stating "do you smell what Ba-Rock is cookin?" I would have felt better if there was a little more emotion put into it... but I'll let it slide. Both Hillary "Call me Hill-Rod" and McCain (backed by his millions of "McCainiacs") also made recorded statements--- all of which were pretty contrived, but still the deed was done. The videos are posted on the WWE website, and I'm sure are on youtube by now if anyone wants to check 'em out.

On that note, is there any television program any of these people won't do? I mean, I think it's good each is making an effort to reach any audience they can... but wow.

And I will be true to my word from before... if Obama manages to spit out something about laying the smack down on somebody, I will vote for him.