View Full Version : BMPAP Tours & Competitions for May 2008!

04-22-2008, 05:19 PM
After the huge success of the Billiard Idols competitions held at the
Farmers' Plaza in Quezon City, and the unforgettable San Miguel
Beer-Quezon City 9-Ball Championship, the Billiard Managers and
Professional Players Association of the Philippines (BMPAP) has
more in store for everyone in May 2008!


And guess who is sponsoring BMPAP's event come May 2008!
Clue is in the pic! And I kid you not!

Much thanks for looking, everyone!


05-04-2008, 08:06 PM

Efren Bata Reyes will take a break from his very busy schedule in
the United States to compete in the Top Guns Challenge of
the first Senate President Manny Villar Cup Billiards Tournament.