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04-24-2008, 05:57 AM
Hello Everyone. I am new to this forum and would like to introduce myself. My name is Angela - I am putting together a Pool and Billiards website.

<p>Every one gets mail at home offering Plumbing, Roofing, Carpet Cleaning Etc. As a Pool Player, how great to be on a Pool Mailing List so Publications, Suppliers, Cue Makers and other pool related products could send you information about their product with no obligation whatsoever? Everyone can join the list FREE.

<p>Business': I am just getting the PoolMailingList.com web-site up and running. It's been just a few weeks now. Pretty good response so far but this site is in the beginning stage. I am promoting on Pool and Billiard Forums, MySpace, Emails etc

<p>The way I figure it, Pool Players will most likely visit my site only once to get on the list. From there the ad links can take them to other pool and billiard sites like yours.

<p>Advertisers each month will receive an Emailed Excel spreadsheet of the New Contacts.. (Each month is different) IE, Pool Rooms, Pool Players, Cue Makers, Publications, Suppliers, Products etc.

<p>Right now, we are small but I do believe this data base is long overdue and will benefit many in the sport. Advertising is very much appreciated and very affordable. Picking your spot now, I believe will be a great asset as it grows and you get your premium spot on the page of choice. The ad links start as low as $10 a month which is very budget friendly.

<p>Thank you, let me know if you would like an Ad link. Just submit a photo by Email and let me know the link. Pick your spot (Each ad spot has a number) and I will Email you a bill.

<p>Pool is my Sport... And even if you don't advertise, Join the List for FREE.