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05-01-2008, 10:44 AM
now I'll admit this is something I have basically no knowledge about... so I'm asking and not telling or making a political thing here.

But I vaguely recall from the 80's and have heard brief mentions in some various sources about a synthetic oil development program that was highly funded and then scrapped in the 80's. I was but a young buck then, so don't have much first hand recollection about it. But the gist of what I get about it (and I could be wrong) was that with the energy crisis then, it was a program pushed to lower dependency on foreign oil (hmm... has anything changed in the last 30 years or so?). The problem was that the cost at the time even for the synthetic oil (or faux oil or whatever it may actually have been referred to) was that it wound up equating to about $40 a barrell, which was still higher than that of buying actual oil from overseas. So as such the program was pretty much scrapped.

Well now today with all the alternative energy research going on and all that stuff, why don't we hear much about this program and possibly reviving it up again? I'm sure with inflation the cost would be more than the $40 a barrell, but then again with the advances in technology and industry over the years that may well even be offset. At any rate, if we could produce a "fake" oil in the mean time as other alternatives are explored, why aren't we doing it? Or are we and just not hearing much about it? I know the Air Force is in the business of developing it for themselves at the moment, but that's really about all I've heard of the thing.

Just something I heard a little about, and am now curious to know more of.