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05-02-2008, 08:17 PM
OTBnTV.com Covers VNEA Nationals

The Valley National Eight Ball Association (VNEA) is pleased to be hosting the OTBnTV crew during the International Championships in Las Vegas. OTBnTV will be on hand to film many of the events, interviews, talk to the vendors and present the whole VNEA Nationals experience online for all pool enthusiasts to enjoy.
Video of "what's happening" will be available on demand. You will be able to view, download and play back later if you wish. This is all FREE. For those who cannot attend, leave early or want to check up on the progress of their friends or family will be able to do so. There is a forum called Billiard Nation that you can write about your experience in Las Vegas.
OTBnTV.com will host, online a Video Magazine Page for the VNEA and you can view first hand all the excitement of Nationals. Be sure to be there or log in.
If you are in Las Vegas between May 22nd through the 31st of 2008 stop in and see us.

05-21-2008, 09:43 PM
OTBnTV and crew will be arriving in Las Vegas tomorrow Thursday, May 22nd We will be filming interviews from players as well as officials. We will film finals on Monday of Singles events for the VNEA. Check on http://www.otbntv.com for updates and finals with video on demand.

06-05-2008, 08:51 PM
After leaving June 1st driving 2 days to get home from Las Vegas, then spending all day on the 3rd day boxing up The Break and sending it out to all the pool players we've had 2 days that we can almost say we had off. Now that I've done all of my whining I would like to thank Gregg, Brian, the Staff, Volunteers and Referees, of the VNEA:

Here is a link that you can watch the VNEA International Championships
We here at OTBnTV would like to thank each and everyone of the VNEA staff that took the time to talk to us in Las Vegas as well as the vendors, players and visitors that rooted on their teams and favorite players.
We were honored to have the privilege of filming the VNEA International championships and bringing it to pool enthusiast all across this great country of ours as well as some from around the world.
From myself, Mary and Becka we had a great time, we had a blast. We tried to bring to all viewers of the VNEA Video Magazine an experience that they were there talking to the players the winning teams, the referees and especially the awards ceremonies and the Parade of Flags.
The VNEA does a magnificent job at honoring the winners for the singles event at the Parade of Flags but is most impressive at the Award Ceremonies on the last day of the Championship. While filming the team awards we met some of the nicest pool players and coin machine operators that you could ever meet. I hope that we were able to bring just a small portion of what the VNEA International Championships were all about. They are second to none.
We appreciate all the hard work you did for us at OTBnTV to promote us and make it easier for us to talk to the players as well as everyone else.
Thank you again for letting us be a part of something so much larger and we hope that we were able to bring to the pool players that could not make it to the championships an experience that they may share with family and friends.
With the photo galleries that we have online from Saturday the 24th through Saturday the 31st had just over 20,000 views from pool players looking at the photos. And from the 1st of June to the 4th of June there has been almost 12,000 more viewers looking at the photos. FYI
We would just like to thank you again for the opportunity that you gave us.***

We would like to thank our sponsors as well: VNEA, Mueller Recreational Products, Platis Law Firm and Chameleon The Perfect Rack

Don Akerlow

07-09-2008, 02:11 AM
Thanks for your excellent coverage. I even spotted myself in one of the videos. Awesome!