View Full Version : "DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO!" Another book review.

05-12-2008, 07:46 AM
Written by Peter Schweizer.

Reveals some inside stories, all documented and footnoted, about the heroes of the far left and how they pimp the left and live very conservative capitalist lifestyles.

It exposes such people as Noam Chomsky who denounces everything about the Pentagon, yet is a defense contractor himself. Everything about capitalism, although he own multiple million dollar homes. And more.

Michael Moore comes out worst of all. It exposes his owning many defense company stocks including Halliburton, after he has sworn that he has never owned stock in his life. How he claims to want to hire only minorities, but never does. How he is a huge supporter of unions, but uses non union help at all times. How he claims his employees have free healthcare, yet doesn't explain it's because he shoots in Canada to avoid him paying a dime towards it and avoids the Hollywood unions.

Al Franken who comes out as little more than a closet racist and liar.

Ted Kennedy who bemoans the oil industry yet is an oil baron. Claims to be a friend of eco causes yet fights them tooth and nail when it comes in conflict with his private life. Demands that the inheritance tax be kept in place yet shields his estate in offshore trusts.

Ralph Nader who is a stock manipulator and sweat shop operator in his personal life who keeps a mailing address at a rooming house yet resides in a 2 million dollar palace.

Hillary Clinton as a gross abuser of the poor in America.

Nancy Pelosi who is an eco sinner of the first class and exploiter of the poor and immigrants.

And many more.

Quite an eye opener. Many people are following these people's advice to their own detriment ... unaware that they have no intention of following it themselves.