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05-17-2008, 07:21 PM
I always said that if I ever got rich, I'd share with and take care of all my friends. So true to my word, I am forwarding an email I just recieved, allowing each of you to get a piece of the action!

Subject: Your email was selected

Dear Beneficiary,
Code No: (ATM-822)

Congratulations as we bring to your notice,
The Office of the senate
house of senate has chosen you by the board
of trustees as one of the
final recipients of this year promotion cash
Grant/Donation. To celebrate
the 30th anniversary celebration. We are
giving out a yearly donation
of The ATM Card Value of {$6.8 MILLION} USD
to 4 lucky recipients as
New Year promotion from the W.H.O, UN, and
the EU in accordance with the
enabling act of Parliament. Fill out below
information and send it to
the International Monetary Funds Department
ATM CARD Payment Center Via
email contact below:

1. Full Name:.......
2. Address:........
3. Nationality:.........
4. Age:..........
5. Sex:..........
6. Occupation:..........
7. Phone/Fax:.........
8. Present Country:...........

Contact Person:
Mr.Obi Rodney
Your Faithfully

I was so excited! I love how we now have a "Office of the senate
house of senate"... I just hope I can find an ATM machine that keeps that much cash in it! and on top of the other many errors that jump out at me, I love how such an official announcement would be from such a generic gmail account. This guy must be one of the top scammers around!