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08-08-2002, 12:21 AM
BCn Creates Big Demand for 9-Ball Championship in U.S. and Canada
Pay -Per-View Giant iN DEMAND Joins Bell ExpressVu and Dish Network in LIVE Broadcast

ST. LOUIS, MO (August 5, 2002) -- BILLIARD CLUB network (BCn) has reached an agreement with iN DEMAND Pay-Per-View and Bell ExpressVu to show the final match of 2002 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship. iN DEMAND and ExpressVu join Dish Network in the September 29, 2002 premier of the live pay-per-view (PPV) billiards broadcast.

iN DEMAND is the nations largest pay-per-view service and is providing the U. S. Open 9-Ball Championship event to over 1700 cable system providers including Adelphia, AT&T Broadband, Charter Communications, Comcast, Cox Communications, and Time Warner. The event will be broadcast through the iN DEMAND 2 (iN2) channel that reaches over 21 million homes nationwide. The PPV is available for $9.95 for residential customers and $99.95 for commercial accounts. Ordering and iN DEMAND Pay-Per-View information can be found at www.indemand.com. (http://www.indemand.com.)

"iN DEMAND opened up its schedule to accommodate the live broadcast," said Rob Sykora, BCn's president. "They believe in this event so much, they bumped a previously scheduled high profile movie."

Bell ExpressVu (Vu!) is currently the largest pay-per-view service of its kind in Canada with more than one million satellite subscribers to its Vu! service. Bell also operates a closed-circuit television system to commercial establishments and will offer the event to those customers as well. Subscriber information and purchasing details will be available online at www.expressvu.com (http://www.expressvu.com) starting in September. Canadian prices for the event will reflect the currency exchange rates.

"The total distribution for the event is now over 30 million households, with other potential carriers still pending," said Sykora. "We anticipate the international distribution of the event will go beyond Canada into Asia and Europe, and the broadcast team we have put together will appeal to those markets."

The three-man broadcast team for the event will be anchored by former world ranked snooker professional turned commentator Jim Wych. Along side Wych will be inaugural U. S. Open Champion and Hall of Famer Mike Sigel and the voice of Accu-Stats, Billy Incardona. Wych is an internationally renowned billiard commentator and boasts over 100 televised productions worldwide to his list of credits. He's a 12-year veteran and the backbone of SKY Sports' billiard commentary crew. He has been involved in every single Mosconi Cup 9-Ball Challenge and World 9-Ball Championship since their move to Wales four years ago. His energetic and insightful brand of commentary is sure to bring a unique and positive flavor to the broadcast. Mike Sigel has been a mainstay in ESPN's billiards broadcast booth and will bring an equal amount of high energy and perception to the event. Incardona has been commentating Accu-Stats matches for 13 years and is also a former world ranked professional player.

For more information about the U. S. Open and BCn call toll free 1-866-774-8770. Information and updates can also be found at www.billiardclubtv.com. (http://www.billiardclubtv.com.)

Wasn't sure if this had been previously posted but with the expanded audience,this has to garner some new exposure.BS