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05-28-2008, 11:04 AM
former insider's, making up all these bad stories about our beloved
President, and warrior Chief?
Et Tu Brute (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080528/ap_on_go_pr_wh/bush_mcclellan_book)

05-28-2008, 12:53 PM
yeah, been hearing about this one all day on the news channels. Without actually reading the book it's hard to say for sure how the text in it's entirety paints the picture... but apparently a great deal is made in it regarding the handling of Katrina and the war (but then again, are those two things anything new and unknown at this point anyway?). Oddly enough several reporters and contributors say the book paints Bush in an overall positive light (sans the few major oopsies), and in several instances McClellan says both himself and Bush were misguided. Again, without actually reading it, it's really hard to say for sure what his overall message is.

My concern is this: if he is feeling guilty about his own work with the administration and it's lies to the American people, that he himself contributed to over a number of years, and he wants to "come clean" so to speak and get this information to the public... why does he have to sell a book to do it? Couldn't he do several print and television interviews free of charge, release it as a free publication... just something that he's not gonna be making major bank off of?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not so naive to think that this book would not be--at least for the most part-- factual, but this route of doing it will make it easy to attempt to shoot down his credibility. Already I've seen comments from the public about him simply "trying to make a buck off of the lives lost from Katrina and Iraq". Any current administration worker worth his salt will easily spin it as "well he claims he's been lying all these years anyway, what's to keep him from lying now" etc. etc. etc.

So I dunno, a book from an insider exposing certain truths is a good thing, but I really can't help but feel this may be being done for the wrong reasons- self serving rather than altruistic. Guess I'll just wait to see what the book itslef says. But with a sticker price around $30 I say we are free to learn the truth... so long as it's not for free /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif


Gayle in MD
05-29-2008, 08:01 AM
They did to him what they do to everyone. They lied to him, then cut him loose and threw him out.

They ruined the man's reputation, when they used him to spread their lies, and according to his statements this morning, his great disappointment in George Bush, and his administration, and their use of propaganda, cherry picked intelligence, omitting everything that did not support their hidden motives for Iraq, using old intelligence, and shady information, which we now all know about, having read it before in dozens of other books written by both reporters and intelligence experts from the right, and the left, who stated the same things.

I think the Mr. McClellan has done his country a great service, to be one of several White House "insiders" to be brave enough to come out with the truth, in the interest of the future of our country, and with the hope that we can avoid more lying pos like these last ones from running this country into the ground, on dreams of omnipotence.

It's pretty easy to glean in the interviews the many right wing nuts in the press. They're all bashing him, for his bravery, and honesty. Same ol' excuse they use for anything written by anyone that doesn't support their misguided opinions, he's trying to make money! LMAO! What is written, for free?

It's really funny, since the right does not read anything at all, apparently, since everything that is written, by anyone, is paid for by someone, so that pretty much eliminates anything written ever from being taken with any value by the right! Apparently, their president, also goes strictly by the gut, and has no interest is using critical, educated thinking, just like his supporters. No wonder they are so compatible!

NBC surely proved my suspicions this morning. Meradith led that interview, with all the wrath of a right wing nut!

I'm going to Politics and Prose, to get my copy signed, and hear Mr. McClellan's words in person.

Karl Rove, to Novak, "Now look, you gotta go over to State, before you publish any of this, and get Armitege to give you the low down on Plame, he'll run his mouth, as usual... whatever you do, don't leave any trail back to me, and as far as anyone else knows, you never talked to me this morning, got it?"

"Got it. So Plame's covert, huh? Not for long, he he he...thanks for the tip, Karl. We'll get this Joe Wilson good. He's got a nerve, exposing everything like this."

"We'll take care of it. Dick's on it too, and so is Scooter. Wilson will look like a pansey when we get finished."