View Full Version : Hillary Gets Rave Reviews

Gayle in MD
06-08-2008, 09:12 AM
And from both the right, and the left, save all but the radical right wingnuts, I'm sure. Hillary's speech has been praised by all as her most majestic moment in history, one of many, I might add, as she gave what has been stated as one of the best political speeches of all time.

As we see the headlines today, McCain's Camp declaring Bush's ignorance on economics, Car Bombings in the heart of Bagdad, killing six Iraqi police on opposite sides of the "Green Zone" no doubt more proof that the "Surge is working"... the great lie on which McCain foolishly builds his campaign, gas prices reaching another uprecedented high, as he states his disapproval of working toward our freedom from fossile fuels, our only path away from dependence on Foreign Oil, and unemployment at the greatest surge since 1986, Hmmm, another Republican administration, 1986, one might wonder if some of our friends from the right, were about as accurate in their recent horse race prediction, as they were in their predictions of what kind of president George Bush would be.

To imagine that McCain is on the right track, given his position on the war, as we see the green zone still the same old car bombing, violent, disfunctioning region it has been for years, is pure fantasy. McCain who will now endure an opposing party which presently does lay claim to bringing in the greatest number of new voters, ever, the first viable candidate of African American desent, and the first truly viable woman candidate for president, McCain may find that he has more going against him in the Fall than a split hoof.

He will now be faced with a Democrtaic party which has displayed the most exciting primary election season this nation has ever witnessed. It looks as though all the gloom and doom predictions from the right that Democrats were shooting themselves in the foot, have been proven wrong, as we witness the shared commitment and excitment of Democratics determined win the election in the Fall, and the coming together of Democratics as evidenced by the undeniable enthusiasm which Hillary's great speech inspired.

Hillary's fabulous speech was one of the greatest personal successes so far in her political life, and will forever be an example of how unfairly and wrongly she has been depicted by the right wing, Hillary hating pundits.

She has won the praise of her most ardent critics, and has shown that the Democratic Party is energized and powerful as we enter the official period of the fight for the White House.

I am proud of her campaign, proud of her great number of primary votes, and proud of the poise and grace with which she has conducted herself throughout this primary, as she presented one of the greatest, most positive examples thus far in American history of what a hard working, tireless and determined woman can achieve, in a traditionally male dominated arena, to all of our young American girls and women.

I am very proud of her huge successes. She continues to make history, and has already proven that the Democratic Party is truly alive, energized and ready for the future demise of our latest long national Republican nightmare! The huge and loving reception which Hillary, Bill and Chelsea recieved was proof that they are still admired and loved by Democratic voters, and that all the hate and lies of the right have not damaged the respect and popularity which they obviously still inspire.

Gayle in Md.