View Full Version : McClellan Agrees To Testify!

Gayle in MD
06-09-2008, 04:36 PM
Bravo! McClellan will testify!


Intersting, McCain has flip flopped, and now supports the warrantless wire tapping of American Citizens, according to the New York Times report.

Reporters have tallied up the unprecedented number of times that Republicans have blocked votes, and crippled the Congress, only, it seems, to gain for themselves, the greatest percentage of those numbers of Americans who are disappointed with the Congress. The story is on Huffpo, if you're interested.

I am going to be glued to the screen when McClellan testifies, and since he has stated that the administration intentionally went after Plame over their anger at Joe Wilson, this will surely assist the Wilson's in their law suit, I would imagine, and hopefully, assist a special prosecutor...or the Impeachment commitee...better yet!

The Pentagon told Guantanamo Interrogators to destroy the evidence, More reports are coming out on the Whtie House Abramoff connections, and there is a report that Pakistan trained Taliban insurgents betrayed American troops movements, so much for Bush's Afghanistan oversight, while Lindsey Graham is out there insuring people that McCain will continue Bush's policies.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton's supposed girlfriend has spoken out about the accusations, and called them totally ridiculous, and Svedka has offered Hillary a lifetime coupon in a full page NY times ad, for all the Vodka she wants, BRAVO! I'd say Hillary is having a better week than the Republicans!

While all of this is interesting, one of Cheney's daughters has been bashing the Bush Administration of late, but I have not yet found the story. It was on the Huffington post earlier, but removed, I think, as I don't see it there now.