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06-11-2008, 11:32 AM
Besides the basic thuganomics and image issues they have been working on for several years...

Here we have a Lakers-Celtics championship matchup, a return to one of the most fabled championship rivalries of any sport, no less than two mortal locks for the hall of fame competing--- possibly 4 and another couple of young studs who could eventually get there, a story of the "new blood" vs. the "cagy veterans", an offensively explosive team vs. a dominating defense, an assembled cast of respected veterans seeking a championship before thier career ends vs. a team that somehow gelled together after only a few months ago their superstar would have cut off his left foot to leave the team, oh, and did I mention it's friggin Lakers-Celtics???

And what is the conversation about? The officiating! Bryant, Garnett, Gasol, Allen, Pierce, Phil Jackson, etc. all out there fighting and the story is about referees. More people will hear of Donaghy's accusations than will hear of Powe's unlikely rise to possible Boston legend. In any sport, the officiating will be part of the discussion--- but it should never be the discussion. And it's a shame too, as this year could have been a golden opportunity to win back the fans and excitement the league has lacked since Jordan played. Instead of creating a new legendary matchup similar to the Magic vs. Bird days, all there will be is a Donaghy vs. Stern coming out of this season.


06-11-2008, 12:21 PM

I stopped watching this garbage about the time Jordan retired. KNowing the games are fixed has probably not helped as well.