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06-11-2008, 02:40 PM

This has been talked about a little recently on TV and radio. The video from the game sure does look like the catcher intentionally allowed the ball to pass him in order to hit the umpire... obviously the team and school denies it was on purpose... and the whole thing is up for debate as to whether or not it was an actual miscommunication or done with malice.

Well, once again, as a former player... I'm happy to give some insight into this. IMHO, it probably was done on purpose.

First, from the video evidence: The pitcher and catcher claim there was a mix up on the signals (fastball vs. curveball). Well, he threw a curve, or at least a slider from what I could tell from his wrist motion and the late movement on the pitch. The catcher also adjusted accordingly for a breaking pitch, but WAY overadjusted. The catcher fell to a position that would block a ball in the dirt (with good technique I might add). Thing is that the pitch started about head high, and I don't know of anyone with the ability to make the bottom fall out of a pitch to the extent of 5-6 feet. I had one helluva diving knuckle-curve, and even it would only fall about half that distance if I took something off of the pitch. Also, through stop motion I notice the catcher dropping his head and glove well before he would normally do so anyway. Their claims that it was simply a mistake... well just doesn't add up.

Second, and now comes the player insight, is that this is nothing new. I let a few blues get plunked when I was behind the plate. I had signals worked out with my catcher to do so when I was pitching. Now, we never went that high... it was generally gonna be a pitch in the dirt that we happened to just miss blocking, or sometimes even blatantly dive out of the way. Just as a message gets sent to a batter about who owns the plate... ballplayers send messages to the umpire on just how we feel the game is being called. I've even been plunked once or twice when I was umpiring. Once when I saw a familiar smirk on the pitcher's face, and heard the tone of the catcher when he said "my bad", I even told him that that was "my move".

So anyway, apparently this is news today... but I'm here to tell ya this is nothing new and nothing shocking. The only part that is bad about it is that they did choose to go high with it, which is extremely dangerous. Anybody that knows the game knows they did something that is not uncommon, they just did it the wrong way... and may rightly have to suffer consequences for it.


next episode, the art of spiking and why it's a cardinal sin to make the first or third out going to third base /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

06-13-2008, 10:26 AM
Being a former player or not it is pretty clear to see that was intentional. This kid should not be allowed to play ball ever again.