View Full Version : Safety First...A New Game

06-14-2008, 06:21 PM
Most of us practice safeties too infrequently because it is sort of boring so I invented a new game in hopes of making it more fun. I've been starting all my practice sessions with it for a few weeks and find it fun and useful.

1. Break the balls as normal.
2. If you have a makeable shot on the lowest ball...one that you would normally shoot in a match, you pass on that shot and see what you have on the next lowest ball. Keep rejecting shots in rotation order until you have a ball that you can hit but have no makeable shot.
3. Play a safety on that shot...attempting to leave the cb in a position from which that ball cannot be contacted directly by the cb.

If you leave a "tough shot"...one that an opponent would not normally attempt, score 1 point. If you leave a hook that can be hit with a 1 rail kick, score 2 points. If the hook is a "lock up" or requires at least 2 rails to hit, score 3 points.

4. Once you have played the safety and scored (or not) then your next inning begins and you again see if you have a shot on the lowest # ball and either play a safety on it or reject it and look for whatever ball, in rotation sequence you can hit but don't have a makeable shot on.

5. Play continues for 10 innings.

To add interest, if you leave a safety that scores 1 or more points BUT the leave is such that the opponent could play a bank, a jump shot, a carom/billiard or a combo, then you can attempt those shots and score 3 points if successful. That injects some "safety escapes" into the game.

For clarity, I'll walk you through a few innings.

1. You break and leave a makeable shot on the 1 ball. You reject that and see that you can also make the 2 ball so you reject it too. You can see the 3 ball but don't have a realistic shot so that is your object ball and you play a safety on it and leave your "opponent" tough...i.e. he can see it but has no realistic shot. Score 1 point.

2. Now from where the CB lays, you again look at the 1 ball and find you have a makeable shot on it so it becomes the OB and you play a safety on it. You leave your opponent hooked (1 rail required to hit it) so you score 2 points.

3. Since you are hooked on the 1 ball, you look for the 2 ball but have not direct path to it...ditto with the 3 ball. You have a makeable shot on the 4 ball but not on the 5 so the 5 becomes the OB....BUT you think you can bank it...or you can billiard in another ball off of it or shoot a combo off of it and if you succeed you score 3 points.

4. From where the balls lay, you again look for the 1 ball and continue as per the above.

5. All balls made on the break and/or during any inning remain down.

Play continues for 10 innings.

The maximum possible score would be 30 points but I doubt that would ever be scored.

I have been averaging 15 points but have only played it 20 times or so.

Comments or questions would be welcome.