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Hello everyone, to begin with, let me apologize if this is in the wrong section of the forum, I am new here and am not real familiar with your rules/policies... I am posting this here because I know a lot of people may have questions about this event, and because I know way more people read this section...

That said, I just want to let people know that since this event is approaching fast, I am becoming more involved with your forums and have begun posting notices about upcoming Satellites/Qualifiers in the "Tournament Announcement" section of the forum. Originally, we had been calling them "Qualifiers" but that may be misleading, so we are switching over to calling them "Satellites". this is a much better name because you do not really have to "Qualify" to play at all, the Satellites are to help players get into the main event for a fraction of the cost...

Also, we have a new section of our website dedicated to "Sponsors" aka, backers.
We have created a system that allows interested parties to "Sponsor" a player in this event. If you have a particular player in mind that you would like to "sponsor" to play, just let us know. Allen Hopkins will personally contact that player and let them know of your intent. You do not have to know the player personally. If the player agrees, you can sponsor that player in this event.

Allen Hopkins Productions will broker the exchange.
You would pay the entry fee for your player ($5200) directly to Allen Hopkins Productions. At the conclusion of the event, if your player has won money, the first $5200 will go directly back to you, from Allen Hopkins Productions. The remaining money will be split evenly and paid out accordingly. Your money will be sent directly to you from Allen Hopkins Productions.

If anyone has an questions/concerns, please post them and I will try to address them in a timely manner...

Thanks for your time, and good luck to all!

Allen Hopkins Jr
www.milliondollar9ball.com (http://www.milliondollar9ball.com)
www.run-out.com (http://www.run-out.com)

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Hey Mike, thanks for the bump!

More satellites are being announced everyday... just added 2 in NJ. If anyone reading this isn't receiving announcements, and would like to, visit our website and join our mailing list... (http://www.milliondollar9ball.com)


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Three weeks and counting, i'll be there.