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06-29-2008, 09:32 PM
To cut a long story short,[ LOL ]

I.m working in a snooker club in Holland. We are opened late and we get a lot of business from the Chinese after the restaurants close. [ who are mad on snooker BTW ]
We have these 8 CH guys who are regulars and they play on one table - with cards- and the money always flies. [ Could never understand the rules]
They drank a lot of beer and never caused a problem and so I would give them tips on how to play and generally have some fun with these guys.
Anyway, this night, our top snooker team is playing on the table next to them, [ I had stopped playing competition at this point /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/grin.gif ], and I was at there trying to sell them more beer.
I casually said to the guy who was about to play the next shot that it was all wrong and he would miss.
He did.
The next guy gives me his Q and says "lets see what you can do with your big mouth [with a big smile ] because I have never seen you play "

What to do?

The first few balls were easy but our new 'top player' LOL was also making a break on the next table!
The pressure was on. I thought to myself. "I am going to have make a bigger break than him just to show these guys whats what....LOL".
To cut a long story short, much to the amusement from the Chinese I made an 87 clearance [ all the balls] [ top player failed at 40], picked up my tray and said, " OK, that was 6 beers, a whiskey and a coke?"

During this break I was aware of what was going on on the next table.
The CH guys were whipping it up. They loved it. [ the money was flying LOL]
When I got to 50 - the other guy was finished- all eyes were on me, and I knew it.
[ heavy betting LOL]
My legs were shaking and I was sweating, but to my credit, I went on automatic and released that Q every time.

The moral of the story?

When you really, really, really want to win you CAN surpass yourself.

Attitude = letting yourself play.
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