View Full Version : more online videos (NV and HSV) now available

07-02-2008, 05:28 PM
FYI, I just posted another new collection of instructional videos. I filmed the video for these clips last week with Tom Ross at the Skylark Lounge in Denver, Colorado. I look forward to your comments, feedback, disagreements, suggestions for the future, and/or questions. Here are the new clips:

NV B.34 - Using back-hand swoop to get maximum English (http://billiards.colostate.edu/normal_videos/new/NVB-34.htm)

NV B.35 - Corner-5, Plus-2, and one-rail kicks, and "spot on the wall aiming, with Tom Ross (http://billiards.colostate.edu/normal_videos/new/NVB-35.htm)

HSV B.33 - outside English gearing, and cut and spin-induced throw (http://billiards.colostate.edu/high_speed_videos/new/HSVB-33.htm)

HSV B.34 - bank shot double-kiss zone with balls frozen and close to the rail (http://billiards.colostate.edu/high_speed_videos/new/HSVB-34.htm)

HSV B.35 - cue and cue ball speed changes during a typical stroke (http://billiards.colostate.edu/high_speed_videos/new/HSVB-35.htm)

FYI, all of my online instructional videos (NV and HSV) can be found here: