View Full Version : Predator 314 or Meucci Black Dot ?

07-13-2008, 04:59 PM
Which do you think is the best?

07-14-2008, 10:18 AM
Every statement I make here you have to tag on "for me" at the end. Any shaft that feels right to you is the best shaft.

Predator makes several dampening cues there is a 314 and a 314.2 I have 2 teammates who have each and the original 314 to me is lot lively enough. The 314.2 IMHO is a far better shaft and the increase in power I find to be something I canít play without. I like the 314.2 and recommend it.

But Meucci has come out with its dampening cue but the only butt I have shot with it on is a Lucasi. When I shot with the bulls eye black dot I liked how it hit but there was something about the weight of it that I didnít like. But of course that may be the butt and not the shaft as I am unfamiliar with how a Lucasi should feel because I shoot with a McDermott.

So out of those 2 I would recommend the 314.2 however how I feel (or anyone else for that matter) isnít really worth that much because how a pool stick feels is as individual as a fingerprint. There is a "perfect" cue for you somewhere it may or may not be one of these two.

There are so many choices out there today. There are "Z" shafts, the McDermott "I" series, the "OB" in addition to the 314 and the black dot; one of those may be the perfect shaft for you. My recommendation is that you try the shaft first.

Also keep in mind that the butt you are shooting with will change the feel. So for example if you try someoneís 314.2 on lets say a Joss butt and you go and order a 314.2 and stick it on your McDermott it isnít going to be the same.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is no magical equipment. Hey donít laugh some people think there is! But that perfect match for you can make you feel very empowered and confident and that has as much to do with your game as the physical capabilities of the equipment. Donít be in a rush find your perfect cue.