View Full Version : Handicap Tournaments ( long)

08-09-2002, 11:04 AM
I'm glad where I play we get lots of players and don't need to do the handicap tournaments. A few months ago I went to a 9 ball tournament which when I called and asked about their tournament times and rules etc., they told me it was a handicap and new players to the tournament came in as a 5 and 10 was the top handicap. I get there and they start me as a 6. I wouldn't of cared if they made me a 10, but I don't like changes after the fact. I ended up in the losers bracket and seen a 9 playing a 6 where the 9 went to 4 and the 6 went to 3. The 9 won and had to play me, so I said you go to 4 and I go to 3?, he said NO, straight race to 3. I beat the guy 3-0 and go on to win the tournament.

Last night I go back as their are no tournaments in my town for the summer. I'm talking to the person in charge and he tells me he has to bump me up but he doesn't know to what. I tell the guy that I don't really care what he bumps me up to that i'm their for the pool, so he makes me an 8. Anyways I end up on the losers side again, i'm playing a 5 so I had to get 4 before she got 3. I win 4-0 and had was into the next match and down on my shot with an easy 4 ball runout for the first game when one of their top players came over and said my previous match was not over. I said I won 4-0, he said because it was a women I had to win an extra game. I went on to win the tournament but I don't like the rule changes in mid stride ( it happened both times ). I told the TD that I really don't care what your rules are, I just don't like them changing in the middle of the tournament. It's not the handicap system that's the problem, it's the people who try to decide who/who will not win that's the problem. Terry