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phil in sofla
08-09-2002, 12:42 PM
Got a new Predator shaft I was going to break in last night, and since I only have a 2x2 case, and wanted to have the normal shaft for my break cue with me, I left my current Predator shaft home. Come to find out they shipped me the 14 thread version instead of the 18 version I needed, so I decided to play some with my break cue, an Adam I had picked up for 50.

I've never played with it before, just broke with it, and hadn't played with anything but a Predator for 20 months. Just prior to getting it, originally, I had somewhat learned to deal with deflection from my stock shaft, but figured whatever I had learned would be long gone from disuse.

Quite the contrary! First time I cranked up a stroke I figured would deflect, I made that little aim adjustment, and the object ball split the pocket. This happened over and over again, to my surprise and delight. If anything, it seemed I was more accurate in pocketing when I was adjusting for deflection, so much so that I found myself overstroking just so I could use this little aim adjustment. My only misses on this were when it didn't deflect, and I still had corrected for it.

This reminded me of 2 years back when I briefly decided to hit most shots a little fuller and throw the ball in. I was running racks doing that virtually on every shot, but backed off what appeared almost a magical method of pocketing balls. I figured it was an enticement from the Devil to screw up my game, that it was somewhat of beginner's luck, and probably would ruin me down the road. Same thing here.

Worked so well I'm questioning my reasons to have such a low squirt cue that this kind of play never or rarely comes up. Except that, again, this scares me. How I'm able to come up with the 'just enough' off-line aim to correct for deflection with a cue I've never played with, and almost 2 years without playing that correction, is mysterious, and I cannot assume it would stay so easy to pocket balls with this style.

But I surely liked the hit of this cue, and at least now have the confidence should my main cue have a problem, that I can shoot well with the break cue.

I guess it's possible that my 'true game' or whatever, best style of shooting for me and my stroke, is to become a 'tip' player, and do a lot of this kind of throwing of shots in, or using high deflection shots requiring that adjustment, even though everything I've learned screams NO, that isn't correct, or at least, this kind of thing should be avoided if at all possible. Thoughts?

08-09-2002, 12:55 PM
Phil, remember when I walked into Breakers at Midnight after going to the movies a few months back? I shot lights out and played with that Adams on the triple shim. I remember beating the snot out of you. I made albsolutely no adjustments playing with that cue. That cue might weigh 42 pounds but it hits great. I'm pretty sure I told you that already. Mark also plays with that cue.

Kato~~~Phil has an IQ of 357 but can't remember I told him his cue hit good.