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07-21-2008, 07:22 PM
one clue he is a conservative Republican Christian.

By: Mark Kernes

Posted: 07/13/2008
MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Okay; who said the following?

"The existence of the Gay-Lesbian Alliance on this campus is an affront to the state of Alabama, its citizenry, this university and its students."

"Currently, AIDS is the most behavior-oriented disease known to mankind. If this nation's current purveyors of perversion would refrain from committing sodomy, they would unquestioningly be spared the ravages of the disease."

"It is indeed sad that America has fallen to the point where she will condone any type of deviant, immoral activity in which a group desires to participate."

"I often hear the argument that homosexuals who live together create a loving, caring family environment, perhaps an environment which is even superior to that which can be provided by a heterosexual couple. In this day of rampant decadence, many homosexuals would mislead society into believing that three men, an armadillo and a house plant create a functional family."

If you guessed "Troy King, Attorney General of Alabama," give yourself a cigar!

That would be the same Troy King who, within the last couple of weeks - no exact date available - was caught by his wife Paige in bed with a male aide - in fact, a former "Homecoming King" from King's undergraduate days at Troy University - and subsequently thrown out of the couple's house.

Of course, King is best known to AVN readers as the current defendant in retailer Sherri Williams' fight to legalize the sale of "obscene devices" - adult novelties whose purpose is sexual stimulation - in the Eleventh Circuit (Alabama, Georgia, Florida), which case has been before a trial court three times, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals twice, and was recently rejected for certiorari by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Williams' case will also be the subject of a segment on ABC's "20/20" this Friday night.

"I don't know Troy King any more than having sat across the table from him during appeals hearings," Williams told AVN today. "But in my experience, it's the guys that are the guiltiest that prosecute the hardest."

The 40-year-old King, according to his Wikipedia entry, has three children, is a practicing Baptist, is anti-abortion - he once decried "the terrible 'cleansing' of the wombs that is carried on in the butcher shops we call abortion clinics" - attended the University of Alabama Law School and has been involved in several scandals while serving as Alabama's Attorney General, a job he obtained after his predecessor, Bill Pryor, was elevated to the Eleventh Circuit bench by President Bush in a recess appointment.

But while rumors that Gov. Bob Riley will ask for King's resignation in the wake of the bedroom discovery are unconfirmed, the announcement that King was named to be state campaign chairman of presidential candidate John McCain's Leadership Team in Alabama has been removed from McCain's Website, and King's hopes to succeed Riley as governor in 2010 appear to be over as well.

After all, as someone reportedly advised Lyndon Johnson as he was beginning his first term as U.S. Senator from Texas, "Once elected, a politician can stay in office until they are caught in bed with a dead prostitute or a live boy."

07-21-2008, 08:43 PM
Oh yeah, "Do as i say while i do as i please.", attributed to President R.M. Nixon.


07-21-2008, 09:34 PM
say in isn't so....not another right wing politico caught in flagrante delicto...
Possibly though, just doing research for an upcoming speech

07-22-2008, 07:36 AM

Take my word for it, this can't be true. As you know, like Iran, there are no homosexuals at Troy State University. Could not be as we have been assured by this very same Alabam State Attorney General of that! There were, of course, rumors of such perverted activity in Alabama a few years ago but this was found to be just a fabrication of the liberal left and that it was actually a brother, sister duo that had actually been spotted, which, of course, is not that unusual. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

07-22-2008, 07:43 AM
The article makes many good points.

The only thing it lacks is evidence of any kind.

Sadly, to many people on the far left any accusation, no evidence needed, will do against a conservative while no amount of evidence is sufficient proof against a moonbat.

Let's hear the one about Kennedy again. A 38 year old married US senator driving drunk with a suspended license who drives off a bridge to evade police and hits bottom so hard he knocks the passenger's panties off and into the glove box then flees the scene leaving her to die is the moral equivalent to a 17 year old running a stop sign.