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07-23-2008, 02:58 PM
I upgraded my playing cue to a 60" almost 3 years ago. Ever since I convinced myself this is what my long reach needed to jump that hurdle in my game. So then I decided along with this I wanted a less expensive 60" cue as my "safe to bring to a bar" playing cue. also my J/B cue is a 57" Varney. To go back and forth between this and a 60" playing cue(s) is difficult.

Don't get me wrong I love both my Josey Ebony Sneaky Pete and my Varney Sneaky. Both cues have more then one shaft. The Josey has 3, OB-1 w/ Sniper tip. Varney modified 314 w/ Sniper tip, and the stock also with a Sniper tip (notice trend?). All have no damage and are nick free, and as far as I know roll straight. The Varney stock shaft does have a bit of wobble, but I also bought it that way (used).

The Varney only has the stock shaft but both cues have a 3/8-10 pin. All the shafts have matching black collars and are interchangeable. Now you Josey fans may be thinking; Joseys don't have 3/8-10 pins. Well this one has a Black epoxy G-10. the cue took a fall on my floor (carpet) and the radial pin came loose. So I then sent it for work and had the G-10 fitted and it really livened up the hit and evened out the balance.

<span style="color: #FF6666">What I am looking for is a standard 58" cue idealy w/ a 314-2</span>

I have lots of $$$$ invested in both these cues and am will to lose my ass to go back to what I shot with for over 20 years. Oh and the wife won't let me spend money we no longer have with the purchase of our new house.
Picture #1
Here are all the cues. The bottom shaft is the stock Varney with what ever tip it came with (KV chime in if you'd like). Remember it does have a wobble and the collar is not black. And in case anyone noticed the blue chalk ring on the ferrule it is because I used this as my Bar cue. Remember all the cues are 60" 30/30 split

Picture #2
This is to show they are OB-1 and 314 (Modified Varney ferrule on the 314 that really spins the CB)

Picture #3
Josey butt year 2002

Picture #4
Varney butt year 2006

Picture #5
Both 3/8-10pins; stock on the Varney and Black G-10 on the Josey

Rich R.
07-24-2008, 06:20 AM
You should post the Varney cue on AZbilliards. There are some people there who like the Varney cues. I don't know anyone else who thinks they are worth anything.

07-24-2008, 06:43 AM
Already did thanks.