View Full Version : Humbling moment and the Giant Slayer

07-30-2008, 10:47 AM
We have a great APA league and we played against a team last night that we always enjoy playing. We all get along together and the matches are always close.
As ususal it came down to the final 9-ball match and we threw our top player and he's an SL-8. They threw a SL-4 that everybody in the league calls the Giant Slayer. He's not a sandbagger, and plays as a strong 4 or an average 5, but plays really good defense. But his strengh is big games. He seems to thrive off playing the top guys in pressure moments. I've seen him play poorly and lose to SL-3-s and 2s and play like bandit against the big guns. He's a former college athlete and just loves the bigger matches.
Our SL-8 just rolled his eyes when he saw who he was matched up against. He knew it was going to be tough and that he'd probably be doing a lot of kicking.
True to form the Giant Slayer took out our giant. All the Giant Slayer had to do was get to 31 and at the end of the match it was 31-31.
Even though we lost it was a whole lot of fun playing those guys. Their team captain said he just wish he could get the Giant Killer to step up and play like that all the time. He said his guy just doesn't get into game unless it's a true pressure situation.
Playing great matches and having those humbling moments is what good league play is all about. Maybe next time we'll try and throw one our SL-2s that can slay their Giant Slayer..LOL