View Full Version : Sabathia is a class act

07-31-2008, 12:15 PM
The sports headlines are filled with more Manny being Manny stuff. His whiny antics, crying, and wah wah-ing about getting out of Boston. Even going so far as to say he'd play in Iraq if need be. Good, I hope he does. I hope Boston trades him to an Israeli league for some oil or something.

But lost in the shuffle is new Brewers ace C.C. Sabathia. I don't hide my allegiance to the Cubs, and it's hard for me to support another Central opponent (who we are slaughtering by the way). But Sabathia and his wife spend 13 grand taking out an ad in a Cleveland newspaper to thank the city and it's fans for their support over the years prior to the recent blockbuster trade. Who does stuff like that anymore? The status quo these days is "I'll build my career here, make all the money I can, become a star and move on to a higher payroll and see ya later". But rare is it anybody takes the time to give thanks to the base that helped make him. I say the guy is a true clas act, and really wish more focus would be put on people such as this as opposed to the Mannys, Bonds, or Chad Johnsons of the world. Just goes to show that not every top tier professional athlete is a prima donna, and that some actually appreciate what they have. And realize that without those fans, there wouldn't be those billions of dollars in the league to pay their milti-million dollar deals. Kudos to Sabathia, I hope others take note of how one should behave in the spotlight.