View Full Version : Can a Wood Shaft Become More Flexible with Use?

08-03-2008, 08:16 PM
Has anyone noticed a new wood shaft becoming more flexible with use, like within a week or two of play?

I'm referring to the flexibility of a shaft as may be noticed from how it shoots at first and then later after some use, not from observing how easily you can bend it.

08-04-2008, 07:38 AM
I think you may be experiencing the change of "behavior" of the cue but not in the shaft itself but in the tip. The tip can mushroom a bit which may affect the deflection factor of the shaft + the tip can change its characteristics simply by "destroing" its inner structure. I would assume you shoot quite hard with lots of spin dont you......?
It seems to me that it would be quite strange for the shaft to change its playing characteristing in such short period of time.
Just my opinion, not an expert...
Btw I experienced this with my 314 shaft and I thought that the shaft is somehow broken but then after some googling I found the answer... /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

08-05-2008, 02:15 AM
Thanks, marek. While I agree a tip can change and those changes can affect how a shaft plays, this does not seem to be a likely explanation for the change I experienced.

Here are the details that led me to believe the changes in the shaft were responsible for the difference in how it played for me.

I played my "A" game right after this shaft was re-shaped by a cue maker. The shaft was on the whippy side of flexible, just how I liked it with a 13mm ferrule. The shaft shot great for me, pocketing balls, easily drawing the CB, and moving the CB around where I wanted. The tip I had on it was one I had used before on another cue, a nickel shaped medium Talisman Buffalo. I shoot with more spin than most.

Then after hours of play over a few days, shot making on a 9' table became a challenge and I was mis-cueing a lot on a 7' table. I blamed the tip and replaced it with a hard Talisman Pro, but to my dismay the mis-cueing continued on a 7' table. I didn't bother shooting with it again on a 9' table, but I did shoot my "A" game with my other cue. So that ruled out the difference in play being just me having a bad shooting day.

The next day I reasoned the difference in play had to be due to the shaft being more flexible than at first. With it being more flexible, it would more easily flex away from the center of the cue ball when shooting it with spin. And this resulted in less friction between the tip and cue ball than was normal, which caused the mis-cues.

So, I took the shaft back to the cue maker and had him cut 3/8" of the ferrule off. I put the medium Talisman Buffalo back on and the shaft shoots almost as good as originally. I still shoot better with my other shooting cue than this shaft on a 9' table. But I prefer this shaft to my other cue for shooting on 7' and 8' tables. Shortening the shaft made it slightly stiffer than it was originally, but it still shoots great. I "may" have the cue maker re-shape the shaft again to bring the ferrule down to about 12.75mm. This should add a little flex to it, but hopefully not too much. And, the reduced diameter will be closer in size to my other cue, which I am hoping will help me shoot a little better with it.

Anyone ever notice a shaft becoming more flexible after some use?