View Full Version : CueExchange.com (formally MyCues.net) is now open

08-07-2008, 07:01 AM
The CueExchange.com site (formally MyCues.net) is now viewable by the general public. To view the site go to http://www.cueexchange.com

For those of you who don't know what this is - which I would think is most of you since this is the first time it's really been made public - here's a primer:

CueExchange.com is basically a site that allows you to manage your cue collection. Using the administration interface you can add as many cues as you want, upload pictures of those cues, track when they were sold, the amount they were sold for, and who you sold them to. All important information about a cue can be entered - maker, model, length, weight, production date, your cost, what you sold it for, joint type, tip type, etc... There are also two free-form text fields that allow you to enter any other information about the cue that you want (i.e. previous owners or wood types used). Along with all this information there are several reports provided that let you, for example, determine how much you made for a certain time period off of a particular manufacturer. There is also a report that allows you to print out a "catalog" type of listing that you can hand out to customers or bring to shows instead of bringing your whole cue collection.

The site is more than that though - as a bonus your cues will be listed and searchable by the public on the main CueExchange.com site. When you add a cue it will immediately be available for searching - unless you prefer to not list it to the public (there is an option to keep a cue private). If a customer is interested in one of your cues and finds it on the CueExchange.com site they will be able to contact you directly via the site. Each cue has it's own detail page that contains a form that allows this.

In addition to the public listing you will have a private cue listing that only contains your cues. This will allow you to give customers the name of your site and have them access it directly without having to search through the other listings to find your cues. An example is setup at http://cueexchange.com/CueMasters (only one cue is listed currently but your whole collection will show up there).

The following are some examples of the site:

Search example (this is for Tascs - there are 4 on the site right now, I believe these are cues from FAST_N_LOOSE - he was a BETA tester.):

Cue details example:

Pricing for this has not been determined but it will be a monthly or yearly charge (since I will have monthly hosting/maintenance costs). It honestly depends on the interest I get - so if you're interested let me know either by replying to this thread or PM'ing me. A portion of the revenue from this is going to go towards advertisement for the main CueExchange.com site which will be targeted at getting buyers to the site. This will help get more people to the site which will in turn get more people looking at what you have to offer. Once I get pricing nailed down I'll let everyone know.


Here are some screenshots from the administration interface to give you an idea of the functionality:

The cue listing:

First half of edit cue screen:

Second half of edit cue screen:


Account Settings:

P.S. There is also a section on each cue in the administration interface that you can copy/paste on the forum to create a "for sale" post on the cue which includes the details of the cue and all the pictures you have uploaded.