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08-10-2008, 02:10 AM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> CIA officials deny fake Iraq-al-Qaida link letter
CIA officials quoted in new book deny they faked a letter showing Saddam-al-Qaida link
BRETT J. BLACKLEDGE Associated Press Writer
Updated: 4:04 PM ET Aug 5, 2008

Two former CIA officers Tuesday denied that they or the spy agency faked an Iraqi intelligence document purporting to link Saddam Hussein with 9/11 bomber Mohammed Atta, as they are quoted as saying in a new book.

The White House issued the statement on behalf of the former officials after a day of adamant denials from the CIA and Bush administration about the claim, made in "The Way of the World," a book by Washington-based journalist Ron Suskind.

"I never received direction from George Tenet or anyone else in my chain of command to fabricate a document ... as outlined in Mr. Suskind's book," said Robert Richer, the CIA's former deputy director of clandestine operations.

Richer also said he talked Tuesday to John Maguire, who headed the CIA's Iraq Operations Group at the time and who gave Richer "permission to state the following on his behalf: `I never received any instruction from then Chief/NE Rob Richer or any other officer in my chain of command instructing me to fabricate such a letter. Further, I have no knowledge to the origins of the letter and as to how it circulated in Iraq," the statement said.

Suskind claims the White House concocted the fake letter, meant to come from Tahir Jalil Habbush al-Tikriti, director of Iraqi intelligence under Saddam, in the fall of 2003 to bolster its case for the invasion earlier that year as it was becoming clear that there were no weapons of mass destruction to be found in Iraq. Those weapons were a chief rationale for the war. The letter was provided to a British journalist by an Iraqi government official, according to the book.

"The White House had concocted a fake letter from Habbush to Saddam, backdated to July 1, 2001," Suskind wrote. "It said that 9/11 ringleader Mohammed Atta had actually trained for his mission in Iraq thus showing, finally, that there was an operational link between Saddam and al-Qaida, something the vice president's office had been pressing CIA to prove since 9/11 as a justification to invade Iraq. There is no link."

Denying the report, White House deputy press secretary Tony Fratto said, "The notion that the White House directed anyone to forge a letter from Habbush to Saddam Hussein is absurd."</div></div>


<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Tape: Top CIA Official Confesses To 9/11-Iraq War Forgery Came From White House
A forged letter linking Saddam Hussein to the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks was ordered on White House stationery and probably came from the office of Vice President Dick Cheney, according to a new transcript of a conversation with the Central Intelligence Agency’s former Deputy Chief of Clandestine Operations Robert Richer.

The transcript was posted Friday by author Ron Suskind of an interview conducted in June. It comes on the heels of denials by both the White House and Richer of a claim Suskind made in his new book, The Way of The World. The book was leaked to Politico’s Mike Allen on Monday, and released Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the White House released a statement on Richer’s behalf. In it, Richer declared, “I never received direction from George Tenet or anyone else in my chain of command to fabricate a document … as outlined in Mr. Suskind’s book.”

The denial, however, directly contradicts Richer’s own remarks in the transcript.

“Now this is from the Vice President’s Office is how you remembered it–not from the president?” Suskind asked.

“No, no, no,” Richer replied, according to the transcript. “What I remember is George [Tenet] saying, ‘we got this from’–basically, from what George said was ‘downtown.’”

“Which is the White House?” Suskind asked.

“Yes,” Richer said. “But he did not–in my memory–never said president, vice president, or NSC. Okay? But now–he may have hinted–just by the way he said it, it would have–cause almost all that stuff came from one place only: Scooter Libby and the shop around the vice president.”

“But he didn’t say that specifically,” Richer added. “I would naturally–I would probably stand on my, basically, my reputation and say it came from the vice president.”

“But there wasn’t anything in the writing that you remember saying the vice president,” Suskind continued.

“Nope,” Richer said.

“It just had the White House stationery.”

“Exactly right.”

Later, Richer added, “You know, if you’ve ever seen the vice president’s stationery, it’s on the White House letterhead. It may have said OVP (Office of the Vice President). I don’t remember that, so I don’t want to mislead you.”

Suskind posted the transcript at his blog, saying, “This posting is contrary to my practice across 25 years as a journalist. But the issues, in this matter, are simply too important to stand as discredited in any way.” It was first picked up by ThinkProgress and Congressional Quarterly’s Jeff Stein.

But wait, there’s more…

The bogus memo claimed that 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta had received training in Baghdad but also discussed the arrival of a “shipment” from Niger, which the Administration claimed had supplied Iraq with yellowcake uranium — based on yet another forged document whose source remains uncertain.

The memo subsequently was treated as fact by the British Sunday Telegraph, and cited by William Safire in his New York Times column, providing fodder for Bush’s efforts to take the US to war. [..]

Today, The American Conservative also published a report saying that the forgery was actually produced by then-Defense Undersecretary Douglas Feith’s Office of Special Plans, citing an unnamed intelligence source. The source reportedly added that Suskind’s overall claim “is correct.”

“My source also notes that Dick Cheney, who was behind the forgery, hated and mistrusted the Agency and would not have used it for such a sensitive assignment,” the magazine wrote. “Instead, he went to Doug Feith’s Office of Special Plans and asked them to do the job.


The letter was intended to fool the US public, not America's enemies.
I think it shows quite clearly that this Admin is capable of anything.



08-10-2008, 07:45 PM
What, no comment from the Right? Maybe the post is too long and contains too many big words.............. let me summarize.

The Iraqi Head of Intelligence is 'cavorting' with British intel and tells them everything they want to know about Saddam and his LACK of WMDs.
Tenet brings the report to the WH but they don't want to know because its intel that doesn't fit in with their objectives.
Not only do they bury this info, hide it from the American people, but then they pay him to assist in forging a letter to show a false link between Al Q and Saddam in an attempt to decieve the American public.

They give him save haven in Jordan and give him also $5 millon- WHILE AT THE SAME TIME he is on the USA wanted list with a $1 million BOUNTY on his head?

Can anyone explain this?


08-10-2008, 09:35 PM
my opinion depends on what your meaning of "is" is. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

But more likely the lack of response is the frequency of posts like this. I mean, make a post about what a storied franchise the Yankees are in baseball and you're bound to get some responses. Make the same post, phrased differently but with the same point a hundred times, and eventually everything that could have been said has already been said. That's all.

But to satisfy you... OK I guess there's no WMD's in Iraq. We got fooled into a war by misinformation from numerous people. And the Yanks probably won't make the postseason this year.


08-11-2008, 07:17 AM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Qtec</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Geez.
What, no comment from the Right? Maybe the post is too long and contains too many big words.............. let me summarize.

Q </div></div>

<span style="color: #FF0000"> I don't know of any substancial sourse who can show this to be true. The intellegence people say they did not do this. The man with a supposed recording that shows them admiting it will not release the tapes. So, more garbage.</span>

08-11-2008, 08:47 AM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">But to satisfy you... OK I guess there's no WMD's in Iraq. We got fooled into a war by misinformation from numerous people. And the Yanks probably won't make the postseason this year. </div></div>

.........and 4,000 Americans are dead, 15,000 wounded........why?

The US had an inside source[ Iraqi HEAD of Intelligence] who told them Saddam was not a threat. Not only did they bury this intel which could have prevented the invasion and saved a lot of suffering, they bribed the guy to help them forge a letter implicating a direct link between Saddam, Al Q and 9/11.

Rob Richer
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Rob: Let me tell you what I know, just so before you color any of it. Is that when you first asked me about it I remember just really telling you that it was a non-event, and if you were to ask me today I would tell you it was a non-event. It came down from the seventh floor. It was part of--as I remember it, it wasn't so much to influence America--<u>that's illegal-</u>-but it was kinda like a covert, a way to influence Iraqis. </div></div>

Yeah right. As if GW could care less about the Iraqis.


Gayle in MD
08-11-2008, 09:05 AM
I hope Suskind gets a congressional Subpeona on those tapes.

The fake memo on the stolen Niger stationary also led right back to the White House, to Ledeen, of the AEI.

Gee, I guess if nobody got a BJ, the right isn't interested.

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