View Full Version : Bacon Grease warning

08-15-2008, 01:19 AM
There is nothing better to fry eggs, pop corn, seasoned beans, or seasoned cornbread. But I didn't know this can happen!!!! IF YOU HAVE EVER INGESTED BACON GREASE IN ANY FORM. PLEASE READ THIS!!!!

Bacon Grease warning
The question is: Do you use bacon grease?
We were raised on bacon grease (lard) as kids and even into adulthood.
I will never use it again. I hope you will throw yours away whenever you fry bacon from now on. It seems as though not hing is safe to eat anymore.


I just threw out my last 2 tbsp of bacon grease!!
This is what happens when you keep cooking with bacon grease. This is a warning, send this to everyone you care about.


Bacon grease will make your feet shrink
Warn everyone you know!!!