View Full Version : The Bush comedy Show!

Gayle in MD
08-15-2008, 10:32 AM
If you missed Bush's statements this morning, you missed yet another George Bush Comedy show as he admonished Russia for doing exactly what he's done, invade a sovereign country.

He actually stated that Russia should stop the bullying! Sort of reminds me of McCain's statement, that in the twenty first century, nations don't invade other nations! But he's ready to stay in Iraq a hundred years, to win the war, however, he doesn't tell us how you win a war, based on being an occupier, who refuses to leave, when the Iraqi Prime Minister is angling to put you out of his country.

WE're propping up a corrupt government, spending 48 billion allocated to reconstruct a country (Not including the 33 million for a hotel and shopping complex at the Baghdad Airport) that is projected to have a 79billion dollar surplus, but hasn't spent over 10% of their money, annually, to rebuild their own country, and McCain is ready to stay for a undred years to win!

Meanwhile, our economy is projected less than 1% growth!

McCain blocks every effort toward renewables, and the money for oil, that is propping up Russia, and the middle east countries, is the biggest transfer of AMerican wealth in history. Gee MORE DRILLING IS WHAT WE NEED!

Can someone please tell me what we're going to win?

Gee, I just hope we get another C student in the White HOuse, with no economic knowledge, that's just what we need, more of the same. Maybe we can speed up the al Qaeda franchise operation, even fast than we already have! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif Maybe we can keep on financing the global mafia, with our war on drugs, and our middle east wars! Maybe the right will win, and overturn Roe V. Wade, and provide us with more hungry kids, and more spanish speaking citizens for our future welfare rolls, compliments of REagan's Amnesty invitation for a new slave population for AMerican Corporations.

No wonder Walmart is pressuring their employees to vote for McSAME!

WE sure as hell don't want any unions around, supporting the American workers, that's for sure!

But hell, we only care about no more taxes, anyway. Screw the 10 trillion dollars of debt. The hell with the 50 million dollars an hour in Iraq, to prop up another future dictator, who's already stealing from his own people.

Meanwhile Iran is training more people to kill our troops, but hell, we'll just put them on our new middle east welfare program.