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08-11-2002, 10:06 AM
That time is here again.......FOOTBALL IS BACK...........

We are looking for players to fill this league......8 to 14 teams can
play so sign up early.This is on a first come first serve
basis(whoever e-mails me 1st) with the original 9 teams from last year
grandfathered in should they chose to return(please e-mail me with
your intentions).That means potentially only 5 spots available!

We will have some major improvements this season.There will be an
e-mail draft which will fit into everyone`s schedule.We will also have a voluntary players pool to provide a little incentive. Unfortunately
the best servers including the site we used last year(sportsline)are
now charging for thier service.That translates to a cost of $9.95 USD
per player.The service to be used this year will be Fanball.This site
is in my opinion the best and easiest to use.There are some free sites
out there but they seem very limited.

You can sign up for Fanball using paypal or credit card.I will e-mail
you the web address to join and the password for the league.

Will Jeff Cavanaugh`s "Wyld Stallyns" be able to defend the title?
Or will there be a new champion this year?!!

6 players from last year have confirmed their spots again for this year.If anyone is interested please e-mail me asap.

George Comerford