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Gayle in MD
08-18-2008, 06:43 AM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Whatever motivation McCain and Davis have, they picked a bad battle to fight here, because Mitchell was right: McCain was not in the Cone of Silence for the duration of Obama's questioning.


IOW, McCain cheated, and the good Reverend LIED.

Same OL' Same OL' Republican BS!

08-18-2008, 07:20 AM
If this is true, the good reverend should be prosecuted for fraud. If not, the people who claim this should be prosecuted.

How will we know? Is there proof of this. My blocker won't let me open this lick. Can someone post the text of this?

Gayle in MD
08-18-2008, 07:32 AM
"Last night, John McCain's campaign manager Rick Davis sent a strongly-worded letter to NBC News president Steve Capus, complaining about "unsubstantiated, partisan claims" on the network made "in order to undercut John McCain."

The claim in question was made by Andrea Mitchell on yesterday's broadcast of "Meet the Press," while discussing McCain and Obama's respective performance during the Saddlebeck Forum on Faith led by Pastor Rick Warren. The full quote is as follows:

MITCHELL: The Obama people must feel that he didn't do quite as well as they might have wanted to in that context, because that what they're putting out privately is that McCain may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama.... He seemed so well-prepared.

In the letter, reprinted by Mike Allen of Politico, Davis claimed that the claim was "completely unsubstantiated" and a "blatant falsehood."

However, the New York Times' Kit Seelye has boldly backed up Mitchell's claim in today's story, "Despite Assurances, McCain Wasn't in a 'Cone of Silence'." Per Seelye:

Senator John McCain was not in a "cone of silence" on Saturday night while his rival, Senator Barack Obama, was being interviewed at the Saddleback Church in California... The matter is of interest because Mr. McCain, who followed Mr. Obama's hourlong appearance in the forum, was asked virtually the same questions as Mr. Obama. Mr. McCain's performance was well received, raising speculation among some viewers, especially supporters of Mr. Obama, that he was not as isolated during the Obama interview as Mr. Warren implied.


Mr. Warren, the pastor of Saddleback, had assured the audience while he was interviewing Mr. Obama that "we have safely placed Senator McCain in a cone of silence" and that he could not hear the questions... Interviewed Sunday on CNN, Mr. Warren seemed surprised to learn that Mr. McCain was not in the building during the Obama interview.

This corroborates Mitchell's report, which was "McCain may not have been in the cone of silence" (he wasn't, at least not for the duration) and "may have some ability to overhear" the question (unclear, but if the purpose of the 'cone of silence' is to guard against that, then presumably being outside it might have afforded that opportunity.

But even without Seelye, Mitchell was corroborated...by Davis. He wrote, "The fact is that during Senator Obama's segment at Saddleback last night, Senator McCain was in a motorcade to the event and then held in a green room with no broadcast feed." That means that he was not in the cone of silence during the Obama questioning, confirming Mitchell's report."

08-18-2008, 07:38 AM
Sounds like, if this is true, that this was a failing of Rick Warren's system and control. It would be unfortunate if this is the case and that McCain did or did not hear Obama's answers. Either way, he loses.

I'm sure this will get big play over the next few days. I hope they find out for sure weather or not he was listening.

Gayle in MD
08-18-2008, 07:46 AM
I don't think we can take the word of those aides who were riding in the limo with him, do you?

They knew there was live coverage on both the radio, and their blackberry's. You'd have to assume they were idiots to think they were listening, IMO.

Just another Republican dirty trick, like the live birth BS, Bobby rx posted on here, also a proven a lie.

It will be interesting to see if Fox News airs anything at all about either lie, because that is what it is, another lie. My money says, we won't hear a word from fox about it.

Gayle in Md.
A lie travels around the world before the truth can get its pants on.

Good description of Republican Campaign tactics.

08-18-2008, 08:10 AM
This taints what was otherwise a good format for comparing the two candidates. Is there anyone competent to do anything correctly left in this country? Geez, how hard is it to do what you say your going to do? This could have been an innocent mistake but still....

Gayle in MD
08-18-2008, 08:23 AM
I'm sure both candidates were informed about the rules. But, as we have seen non stop throughout the last eight years, Republicans don't think the rules, or the law, apply to them.

It is an example of Republican canpaign tactics, from the smearing to the cheating, and you'd have to be blind not to see through this manuever, IMO.

Gayle in Md.

08-18-2008, 08:53 AM
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Gayle in MD</div><div class="ubbcode-body">It will be interesting to see if Fox News airs anything at all about either lie, because that is what it is, another lie. My money says, we won't hear a word from fox about it.

<span style="color: #FF0000"> I am pretty confident that we will hear about this on Fox, more so than the other newworks. </span>

Gayle in Md.
A lie travels around the world before the truth can get its pants on. <span style="color: #FF0000"> This can be true on both fronts. </span>


08-18-2008, 09:43 AM
I watched that interview...and thought McCain's answers were a bit more articulate...but if he had the time to mull over the Q....kind of an unfair advantage.
To tell you the truth, I was a little uneasy about Rick Warren asking the questions....I still like the idea of separation of church and politics.
AND, don't take this wrong...but I believe you can be a moral person,a President even, and not be a practicing Christian...most of us have a conscience.
Well maybe you can't be both a moral man and a President, or even a politician???
How can we get either Ed or lww in that cone of silence?

Gayle in MD
08-18-2008, 09:48 AM
I'll be accused of lying now, but I honestly looked at Jim while McCain ws responding and said, "Something's fishy here! He had the questions in advance."

I know McCain's not that fast on his feet.

It will be interesting to hear what the Pastor has to say about it. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smirk.gif

08-18-2008, 09:52 AM
I was a bit surprised myself at the speed of McCain's answers, and thought they both might have had advance notice???
Good thing for him, Helen Thomas was not doing the interview....

Gayle in MD
08-18-2008, 09:57 AM
LOL, I understand there were people in the press who caught onto it, and that they expected, due to the interviewers obvious leanings, that it wouldn't be a fair format. That's how McCain got busted, so I hear, because some reporters waited under cover for his arrival.

You may see some video later with the time, of his arrival. He wasn't in that greem room very long.

LOL, I'm glad this is atleast ONE time the usual REpublican tactics were exposed.