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08-21-2008, 10:04 AM
Yellow Cake threat is real, and now it's closer to home:
"....Now the nasty (pretend) stuff isn't in Iraq anymore. Canada bought it. Specifically, it's in Ontario. Hey, I lived in them thar parts. I don't trust those people and I'm not alone. Via Ace:

Wait a second…now Canuckistan has yellow-cake? This can’t be good news, what with them a mere 0 miles from our borders. The barbarian hordes from the frozen North “say” they’re going to use the uranium for peaceful “electrical” purposes, but ever since they began their massive naval build-up a few years back, I think we need to keep a sharp eye on these Neo-Scandis.

It was so much better when the pretend, non-existent yellow cake wasn't in Iraq because it was far, far away. Now it's supposedly real and exists close to American borders. This war on terror bullshit just gets worse and worse."
And to show that they are a serious military power:

"Canada Warship Seizes Tanker in Arabian Sea" -- Reuters, Feb. 8, 2002

Oh Right, and Switzerland Has Nuclear Weapons

Arabian Sea (SatireWire.com) — Canadian television reported Friday that a Canadian warship in the Arabian Sea had seized a tanker suspected of smuggling oil from Iraq, leading many to suspect that the report was a hoax.
The HMCS Vancouver
The Halifax Class frigate Vancouver.

"You're kidding, right? Canada has a warship?" asked U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. "Like for war?

"Does Canada know?" he added.

"Nobody was more stunned than we were," said Kali Omari, first mate of the seized vessel. "We saw this frigate steaming toward us, and we were worried, but then we saw the maple leaf on the flag, and we thought, 'Oh, Canadians. What the hell do they want?'"

When an officer of the HMCS Vancouver announced that the tanker was about to be boarded, the crew of the detained ship was confused, said Omari, but their confusion quickly turned to anger when they saw what the Canadians sailors were carrying.

"They were armed. With guns," said Omari. "Canadians. With guns. And a warship. What is this world coming to?"

"They were pretty rude, too," Omari added. "They started asking us all sorts of questions, like 'Where did that oil come from?' But first we wanted to know who gave them the damn warship."
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According to Canadian defense officials, the Vancouver is one of four frigates deployed in the region to assist in the U.S.-led Afghanistan conflict. The tanker was stopped, officials said, because its cargo of crude oil violated United Nations sanctions, which prohibit Iraq from selling oil unless in exchange for food and medicine.

The U.N. said the incident is already under investigation, and promised swift action against those found responsible for giving the Canadians guns. Initial findings indicate that the Vancouver crew may have been watching too many American television shows. Y