View Full Version : The Republican Rhetoric on Hurricane Response

Gayle in MD
09-02-2008, 09:09 AM
<span style="color: #000066">Once again, Republicans offer election year lies and rhetoric regarding the devastation of Hurricanes. McCain voted against everything for the victims of Katrina, including an investigation into Bush's failure to heed the warnings from the director of the National Hurrican Center. Another Republican effort to cover up incompetence remincient of 9/11, and his total refusal to heed the unprecedented warnings from the CIA of an impending terrorist attack, al Qaeda, flying planes into the WTC.

It was truly repulsive watching Laura Bush, and Cindy McCain with their syruppy sweet rhetoric, and multi-thousand dollard designer dresses, when neither they, nor their husbands, have done a damned thing to help the victims of Katrina. </span>


What does seem odd is that McCain thinks Gulf Coast residents will forget how he, George W. Bush and the then-Republican Congress turned their backs on them so many times in the months after Katrina thundered ashore in 2005.

Sure, McCain was big on rote sympathy right after the disaster, saying on September 1, 2005 “American citizens have proven time and again how generous and selfless a people we are, and now we have an opportunity to come to the aid of those in need.” A week later he stridently said “Our work to help the victims of this national tragedy has just begun, and Congress must do all that is necessary to fund essential relief and recovery efforts and help those in need.”

It must be nice to have staffers writing that stuff for you.

Too bad he spent the months to follow leading the Republican charge against every Senate bill that would have actually helped Katrina victims or mandated investigations on how the Bush administration could have blown disaster response so thoroughly.

Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden jumped immediately to the aid of hurricane victims in the week after the 2005 disaster, authoring S.Amdt. 1661 “…to provide emergency funding for victims of Hurricane Katrina.”[..]

But with John McCain’s help, the Republican-led Senate shot down the funding on a 41-56 vote with McCain voting against, while Biden and Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama voted for the funding.

When Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) proposed the creation of a Congressional Commission to “examine the Federal, State, and local response to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina.. and make immediate corrective measures to improve such responses in the future,” John McCain was once again exactly where George W. Bush wanted him to be: On the “nay” side of a straight party-line vote (44-54) that killed that legislation.

So when McCain tells the people of the Gulf Coast now that we’ll pray for them, is that the only assistance they can expect from him?