View Full Version : practicing the break shot STROKE with a BreakRAK

08-12-2002, 12:23 PM
well, I purchased a Breakrak in New Orleans, for my Pool Hall. It's been on the pool table several times & to date, I've generated the cost of the thing in rental fees. The boys have already gotten up a BREAK SHOT GAME... where whoever gets the cue ball closest (3 consecutive tries) to the center of the pool table, "WINS the Pot".
Two of my best players have really gotten into studying their break shot stroke & they are improving.
I saw some of the earlier posts & was a bit sceptic too, but there it was in New Orleans, with lots of people crowded around, so I tried it & I was impressed. Seems that some of the earlier posts could be wrong about this thing.
They had a lot of NAMES that liked this invention, so I bought it. I've had it a week & it's paid for itself, so if it really helps someone that will be a extra bennie... run-out RONNIE... Wichita