View Full Version : Inside/Outside Drill

09-14-2008, 05:14 PM
For years, I avoided Inside english like the plague. A top roadie who I often practice with got on my case about that quite a while ago...telling me that a whole new world of position routes are available after mastering inside.

Of course, the ability to make the CB go in an entirely different direction that would be the case with outside or centerball certainly makes his comment true.

So, I began to practice using inside quite aggressively.

In that process, I came up with a drill that has been very helpful that I call Inside/Outside.

Level 1

Roll out the 1-4 balls (any 4 is fine). Rolling out 4 balls permits 3 position route playes since you take BIH on the 1 ball.

Take BIH and play an Inside english route to the 2 ball.

Play and Outside route to the 3 ball

An Inside route to the 4 ball.

You have to plan your routes to get on the proper side so that the next version of english will get you on the next shot correctly.

Level 2

Same as Level 1 but toss out 7 balls which requires 6 position plays. Level 2 is MUCH harder than Level 1 because of the additional blockers and you REALLY have to think about the routes.

But that is part of the appeal of the drill. You will be forced to imagine position routes that might otherwise never occurred to you.