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08-12-2002, 12:59 PM
Played some golf a couple of weeks ago, and the starter paired us up with two 14 yr olds prepping for an upcoming tournament; under the watchful eye of one of their single-digit handicap dads. You know the story: great swings, down the middle drives, and on the 4th hole, stiffed a 5 wood approach for an easy birdie. Couldn't get either one to give me the last three, er, 3 a side.
Then last week, I go to the course by myself, and the starter asks if I mind playing with two kids.. "they can keep up.." The kids turn out to be 13 and 9. the older one says to me "Robert's just starting, he's a beginner, but I'm not. I've been playing a month and a half, and I've learned a lot..." "A lot' turned out to be judgemental, but hey, we ain't all got Tiger's genes. Anyway 9 yr old Robert had an interesting way of teeing up his ball. He laid down and pushed the tee into the ground, checking the height at eye level... and of course 2 or 3 shots to get off the tee.
I had an idea though on the 3rd tee, and asked him if he played baseball. told him that this was really a baseball swing at an inclined plane (well not in those words exactly). Joe, the 13 yr old didn't like the idea, since his 21 yr old friend, whose been playing since age 7, had told him different. Unfortunately though the human body doesn't bend into the positions that Robert was trying to get into. I won the arguement, and I'm proud to say that my star pupil, outdrove his buddy, when he connected... about half a dozen times during the round. His misses were much better, and he came close to a good shot another dozen times, plus no more contortions. What's this Leadbetter guy got on me??
There are other things involved in playing with youngsters though.. I ended up giving them my power bars, and my bottle of water; they got hungry and thirsty. I also ended up carrying the 9 yr old's bag, because (A) his shoulder hurt, and (B) he would walk off the green and forget to take the bag along. I also had to reassure him that (A) he didn't suck, and (B) his golf game didn't suck. Imagine; 9 yrs old, new to the game, and making these observations about yourself. took me about 5 years to come to those terms about my pool game.
Ah, but it became all worthwhile, when the round was over and they said "Thanks mister, for playing with us"
There was another little incident that occurred on the 16th tee. Two teens were selling sodas, and preparing to call it a day. After I declined buying , the 16 yr old asked if he could hit my driver. He placed his drive about 15 yds past mine, and in the center of the fairway. It would have been a slight exaggeration to say mine was on the right side of the fairway; depending, of course, on your defination of fairway. I told him I had a great idea; he should play golf, and I'd take over the soda pop "concession"
Next week i'm hoping they pair me with some AARP folks; so's I can outdrive them, and they won't hustle me out of my power bar......

08-12-2002, 02:16 PM
You should see my golf game. Some days I can't play a lick, the rest of the time I really suck!!!!!!! Ah, but a bad day with friends on a golf course beats work everytime.

Kato~~~plays scratch golf (always scratching my head wondering where the ball went)