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09-15-2008, 09:45 AM
(Santa Rosa County, Fla.) Sept. 14 - A hand-grenade blew up at 3837 Nowling Road in Jay, Florida, sending three men to the hospital, and leaving a gory scene behind for investigators. The men survived, but are listed in serious condition. Deputies say it appears the men were gathered near the back of a pickup truck, Sunday afternoon, and they believe 29-year-old Johnny Bruce Pyles reached into a toolbox, and pulled out a round grenade about the size of a baseball. They also say Pyles pulled out the pin. Because 37-year-old James E. Grice and 26-year-old Zachary Talbot were standing right behind him, they were also hit. Sgt. Scott Haines with Santa Rosa County Sheriff's department says they're not only in serious condition.. they're now in serious trouble with local law enforcement and the feds. It is illegal to possess any type of explosive device of that nature. That is a criminal offense, explained Haines. We are concerned with their well being, but at the same time we definitely need to find out where this came from and what their intentions were. We want to know why they had it and why we were not contacted. Pyles was taken to Sacred Heart hospital by Life Flight.

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