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10-16-2009, 08:00 AM
I am back in league. I am looking for info on diamond systems and safety play.
I have found some Dr. Cue is good.
Has anyone tried books from Alan Sand?

A problem I have is I read info try it at pratice and I get some OK results. When I am in match play I can't remember the numbering systems, or get the systems confused.
Does anyone have memory tricks to help with this?

post anything you have luck with.


10-16-2009, 09:18 AM
For the diamond systems, there are a LOT of different systems out there. And I've noticed pro players tend to use many different systems. One pro will use this system, another pro that system, etc.

And some of these are impossible for me to remember.

I would suggest you keep buying books and searching the internet for various diamond systems. Then one day you will find one which is easy to remember and works for YOU.

My system is a mirror like thing. You would aim at a mirror reflection of the ball if the mirror was on the rail. And to find that point, you measure the distance from the ball to the rail with your stick, place thumb on stick where rail is, then move stick out so tip is above rail edge, then sight from where your thumb is and look at the cue ball. And along that line look for a spot on the rail, a portion of a diamond, a piece of lint on the rail or table, whatever. Then aim the cue ball at that spot.

This is an easy system to remember. I forget where I learned that system and what it is called?

As to learning safety play, I think the best thing is to learn "position play" or how to leave the cue ball where you want after each shot. Follow, stun, draw, 30 degree rule, 90 degree rule. Then you can shoot at your ball and leave the cue ball in a nasty spot.

The other thing for learning safety play is by playing very good players and experience. Go to where the very best players are and watch them get into a "safety battle". They do things you would never think of!

For learning position play, the thing which helped me the most was Dr. Dave's DVD...