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10-18-2009, 11:38 AM
Several month ago our Community Pool Room retired some Pool Balls Sets that I wound up with, in the end I had about 10 Full, and Partial Sets of Cue King Balls that were made in China, not in good shape, but need a home. Talked with a pool friend on the East Coast as I need an idea what to do with the Ball Set, and ask if he had any ideas.

To paraphrase his replay was something like when I am on the road doing my Trick Shot Show, I have been visiting Boys Clubs (now The Boys, and Girls Clubs) for years do FREE POOL CLINICS, and have been dropping off Pool stuff for years at these clubs because most have nothing.

My reply was we don’t have no Boys Clubs out by me, and he said yes you do, and an e-mail arrived as we spoke with a link to the Phoenix Metropolitan Boys & Girls Clubs.

So I made a phone call to the administrative offices in Phoenix, was transferred to a lady name Bridgett, I explain the situation with the Ball Sets, asked if they could use them. She said yes, and we talked about the demographics of the members.

These kids who are members of the Boys & Girls Clubs in the Metro Phoenix Area are most from poor homes, don’t have Cell Phones, WII’s , X-Boxes, or have been to a Pro Sporting Event, as they family is what I will call getting by. The Boys & Girls Club is where they go to have fun, like when i was a kid, and it was the Boys Club.

At the end of the conversation I told Bridget I would drop the Ball Sets of at the Peoria Arizona Club Site about 12-15 miles from be, and I thought it would end there.

So a few days later I drove over to the Peoria Club and meet the Program Director, Anthony. I give him the Ball Sets, and he says two things. First is something like wow we now have enough Ball Sets for all our Pool Tables, and second is would you like to see the club, offering me a tour.

So being polite I say yes and he shows me what I call the “little kids area” where they got two Pool tables, next we go back to the “teen center” where they got one Pool Table.

During the tour he shows me their Cues with MANY NO TIPS, and finally I ask what do you use for CHALK, Anthony replies something like he has been at this Club 8 month or so, and they had not CHALK when he got here.

I ask Anthony why all the (3) Pool Tables are different brands, and have different colored cloth. His reply is something like we most work off of donations.

Now for some crazy reason a little light goes off in my head, and I make a post on another Pool Related Forum-Titled, Anyone have WARPED Pool Cues, or other Pool Stuff like?????????????????????.

Well the response from Member of that Forum from all of the U.S.A., as far away as the Philippines has been unbelievable.

People have sent Cues, Ball Sets, Cue Balls, Chalk, Instructions DVD’s, and VHS’s, Table Brushes, a Wall Racks, Tips, a Tip Repair Kit, and other stuff for the Boys & Girls Clubs.

This week I made another delivery to Anthony and ask how his Club Site, and Teen Center were doing. He said theirs was now the “BEST” far a Pool equipment goes because of the item sent, and many of the items brought over to the Peoria Site have been taken to the weekly directors meeting, and are make their way to the other clubs, and teen center sites.

This week I had also got an e-mail from Anthony Boss the Area Director who sees that everything the Boys & Girls Clubs received get put to use.

The e-mail stated in Part, “We’re very thankful for all of the help that you and your friends have extended our way. Again, I’ll put out the request to our clubs to put together a list of any additional needs that they have. Have a wonderful day!”

I got involved in this, honestly I started playing Pool about 1954 in a Boys Club in Miami, Florida. It was a great life experience, and it is a way I was able to give back 50+ years later.

The last suggestion I will make is that there are Kids playing Pool in, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA's, Teen Centers, City & County Recreation Centers right in you own back yard in many area of the U.S.A., and through the World. Many of the places that these kids are play Pool have little or no equipment, are under funded, and would be a great place for you to get involved as I did with our Local Boys, and Girls Club.

These kids are the FUTURE OF POOL, they are the future tournament players, league members, and now is the time to invest in the future of this great sport if it is to survive in to the future. Might be something you all might want to get involved with if you want to support Pool today. IMHO.

I am post this on the weekend so as many Form/Chat Board Members can see this. Maybe they will do the same as me what they live.

Got a question, e-mail me @ cocobolocowboy@yahoo.com