View Full Version : What happened with Johnny Archer at the Open?

10-29-2009, 10:42 AM
I felt sorry for Johnny A. The Hall of Fame dinner was supposed to delay the 7 pm flight of matches to 8 pm, which got further delayed to 9 pm. Johnny had to play Kim Davenport, his close friend and business partner, after Kim had done his introduction at the HOF dinner. Their match was eventually put on the clock, oddly, since their game totals were more at that time than at least two of the other matches going on simultaneously.

Johnny seemed to have busted up the butt end of his cue stick, although I have no idea how it happened despite seeing it develop in front of my eyes.

Apparently he just tapped the bumper to the floor and the butt fell into two pieces. The Accustat announcers speculated maybe it was a quick release break/jump with a joint in its middle, but Johnny did not put it together if that was the case, sort of kicking it to the side and taking his break cue for the rest of the match.

Any ideas why they were put on the clock, and exactly what happened to his cue stick? I've seen shafts broken without much effort, but never a cue butt falling into two pieces?!?!?!

10-29-2009, 12:37 PM
Even tho Archer's match was more than some of the others, I think it might be because he was on the TV table rather than a side table. Archer plays like Ralf, "Very Deliberate." If those two were in the finals, we'd still be there. Archers match was slow compared to most of the others. As for breaking his stick, I couldn't believe it either. I didn't think he hit it that hard to break. Once on the clock, it broke his rhythm. Did you see Kim run to sit down after his shot and when done racking? The cloth was much cleaner after that match due to Archer picking up every piece of lint and wiping the powder from it. I would almost rather watch paint dry than watch Archer play.


10-29-2009, 03:01 PM
I don't know what happened with the butt of his cue either. I saw it happen too, Johnny just tapped the end into the rug like a walking stick, no big deal except the butt disintegrated.

As far as the match being put on the clock, the rule was that any match that didn't have 10 games in within an hour would be put on the clock. I didn't time it, but it seemed like they were ahead of that schedule. In fact, Archer looked at a couple of other tables and gestured. I know Archer usually gets a beating for shooting slow, but he was playing at a normal pace that match (if I remember correctly). The only theory that makes sense is that someone mentioned that the PPV broadband slot may have been for a certain time period. I'm not sure, but it sounded plausible.


10-30-2009, 11:06 AM
Duane, yes, Kim was bolting to the seat and throwing his stick pretty roughly into its standing place, pretty much from the second rack or so after he had dogged a shot or two. So I think that was his state of mind more than the shot clock, since that behavior started well before the clock was imposed on them.

Discussing the butt disintegration, a friend told me of local SoFla legend Toby Sweet's similar experience with a Rhambo cue. A missed shot, a mild tap on the floor in disgust, and the inlays all popped out. Now, that was an OLD classic cue, and you can imagine the glue was dried up and brittle because of its age.

Assuming Archer was using one of his Scorpion line cues (was he?), it couldn't have been more than a couple of years old.

The shot clock probably did relate to their playing on the tv table. Just as with the HOF dinner, the honor turned on the honoree. If Archer were Strickland, there would have been a full blown paranoia attack over that fact situation.

Can scorpions be snake-bit?