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Fran Crimi
08-14-2002, 07:39 AM
Thanks to everyone who contributed to my alcohol consumption poll. It is my belief that one of the main reasons that our industry does not have significant corporate sponsorship is because we are unable to provide them with specific-enough demographics to support their involvement in our industry. Demographics that tell you how many people play pool and how old they are simply arenít enough. We need to give these companies more, and specifically in the area that targets their interest.

What better place to start than alcohol, specifically, beer? Based on my test sample that you all provided, along with other information I have in my possession, I believe that league players in this country consume in excess of a million bottles of beer per week on league nightsÖ.that would be a minimum of 52 million bottles of beer per year. My feeing is that the number may turn out to be closer to 100 million. Thatís a very strong demographic to be able to present to a beer company.

If there is anything Iíve learned in my travels around the country, itís that beer and pool go together, and that is something that is not going to change, at least not as far as I can tell.

Iím putting together a marketing strategy for major beer companies to get involved in sponsoring pool on a nationwide basis, which would include sponsorship dollars for all pool organizations we currently have in our country, from amateur through pro. If I can get this thing going, everybody gets money and everybody benefits.

I need help in obtaining the demographics, because without facts to back up my proposal, it would never even be considered.

It would be a great help to me if you all would e-mail me with the following information: (Please e-mail it to me rather than post it here so I can keep all the data in one place. y e-mail address is fdcrimi@aol.com.)

Your league operatorís name, with contact phone number/e-mail address.

Any pool rooms you know of that run leagues, with contact names, phone number and e-mail address.

Thanks in advance for your help.


08-14-2002, 08:06 AM
"52 million bottles of beer on the wall 52 million bottles of beer,

take one down, pass it around, 51,999,999 bottles of beer on the wall"

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Welcome to the ranks of the registered Fran. I'll get you some info on Northern Virginia when I get back from vacation.


08-14-2002, 08:12 AM
Fran, that's an excellent idea. Miller lite was heavy duty into sponsorship (I remember the Miz commercials) and the tournaments they ran. Faced with the data you will have, I can see them sponsoring something. It is more than a viable market for them. JMHO ***Lester***

08-14-2002, 08:23 AM

08-14-2002, 03:55 PM
Fran maybe save yourself a lot of time try calling the big national league offices bca,apa,valley plus others. they have all the numbers you need.(apa had busch & bud beer as sponsors for years but no longer who knows why, good question)

Good Luck

Fran Crimi
08-14-2002, 08:51 PM
Yes, thanks, I'm aware of those organizations, and I would appreciate receiving information from individuals as well.


08-14-2002, 08:54 PM
I might have if you had agreed to sign a poster.

08-14-2002, 11:10 PM
This sounds like a great idea. How about Coors Light... tastes good and doesn't have a lot of alchol content so it won't affect your game as much. LOL
PA BCA http://pabca.com/leagues/home.htm

08-15-2002, 06:35 AM
Bob - Several states have strange laws regarding advertising and alcohol-sponsored sporting events. Years ago, the Busch Pool League had to operate in Virginia as the American Pool League to comply.

Walt in VA