View Full Version : My dream of playing in the WPBA - no longer!

08-15-2002, 07:31 AM
I first started playing pool almost 10 years ago. I'm from San Antonio and was always a big Vivian V. fan because we were both Hispanic and from San Antonio. I always looked up to her and felt that I could do it too. For many years all I wanted to do was to be able to play in the WPBA. I started playing in a Regional Tour religiously to help me get on my way to play in the WPBA. I even was on the Board of Directors for a Regional Tour for some time. Thats when things started getting interesting. Being on the Board, we had to work with the WPBA quite often. They were always changing something. It was then that I started to realize what the WPBA was really all about. Its all a bunch of politics and to me it seemed that they didn't care about up and coming new talent - just the old. Since then I've quit being on the Board of that RT mostly because work and school took up a lot of my time.
I'm an average amateur player. No where near the caliber of the top women of each of the Regional Tours. I probably dont have a chance of ever winning a qualifer. But you know what - I don't care anymore. I don't have the dream to play in the WPBA after seeing what I've seen and hearing what I've heard. I've been to WPBA events to watch the women play. I flew out to LA when they had it in a TENT. What a joke. I don't aspire to play in the WPBA anymore. I play pool because I love this game. I play in Regional Tours because I love competition and I have fun at the same time. I play local tournaments to try to keep learning about the game. I play pool at home. I play pool for ME! And thats just fine!

Maybe the WPBA should survey players like myself and maybe, just maybe, they might realize what they are really doing to the future of our wonderful sport!

08-15-2002, 07:37 AM
Good morning:

What you and all of the Regional Tour members need to do, at the risk of over simplifying the overall situation, is to make your sentiments known to the Board of Directors of the WPBA. Your sentiments, as well as perspective as an Amatuer or Semi-Professional, should be issued, via E-Mail, to each and every member of the WPBA Board. This information, E-Mail addresses, can be found with-in the WPBA Newsletter.

Dr. D.