View Full Version : A question for the Limbaugh haters?

01-02-2010, 07:05 AM
We have heard ad infinitum how offended you are that Limbaugh wished for Obama's agenda to fail.

Now, before anyone spins this, it is documented from here to eternity that when taken in it's full and proper context the wish was not for America to fail but for the agenda to fail because he believed that the success of the agenda would be a disaster for the nation.

I agree with that assessment.

Now, to the Limbaugh haters ... I am mystified how you can be angry with a man for wishing his homeland will dodge a bullet.

Taken for what it clearly means on it's face, the Limbaugh haters are clearly willing to see a disaster hit the nation as long as the Obama agenda fails.

Now, think to your selves for a moment and be honest. Forgetting whether or not you believe the Obama agenda is a good idea ... would you prefer that Obama be successful in passing his agenda and it being a disaster? Or, would you prefer that his agenda fail to gain passage and the nation succeed?

This isn't a trick question, and it's key to understanding why non Obama voters watch this and see a cult.

I myself have opposed the Obama agenda for the same reasons as Limbaugh. If time proves me incorrect I will gladly eat crow over it because I deeply love the American nation, the American people, and the American republic.

I desperately want what is best for it and not what is best for a politician's legacy.

I'd honestly like to hear from our forum members on this.