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01-07-2010, 12:30 PM
the Earth's magnetic field is weakening. what this means is a reverse polarity. according to Scientist, the last reversal took place around 700,000 thousand years ago and is due for another. I don't know...YellowStone is a Super Volcano nearing to blow its lid, there is a massive asteroid out there called Tutotis that's been taking aim at Earth, people playing up the 2012 Mayan end of the world scare, Black Racism is everywhere but never gets run out of town like White Racism or perceived by Blacks as White Racism, Islam throwing stones and everybody ducking rather than throwing tons of stones back, taxes, drugs, street gangs galore, serial killers, workplace shootings, disease, etc. etc. all I want is night with Shakira and a couple million in cash and is that asking for too much. you can all flipout about whatever the hell it is you flipout about...I'll take nice long walk along a warm deserted beach anytime over running around like one with its head chopped off trying to lead the other headless ones. just a few thoughts I thought I'd share...carry on.
cut off.

01-07-2010, 05:25 PM
just try to stick it out for the next two years...in 2012, L.Ron Hubbard will come back to load all of us true believers onto his spaceship.....(as predicted by the Mayans)
Or stay behind and join the other non believers in global warming as they turn into fried sausage on the hot pavement....
Say you aren't related to Shirley Muldowney, famous <s>drag</s> er, dragster, are you?

01-07-2010, 06:46 PM
Shirley is my cousin.