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01-11-2010, 02:33 PM
Commodore Perry Housing Projects in the decade of the '60s...one of the last White families to be run out of there by roving gangs of Blacks whom made it their day and night to pummel White People for no reason whatsoever except that their skin is White. whenever A White Person stood up to the racist attacks and fought back and won a few rounds...called the Police, had some of the attackers arrested, these same Black Racist Attackers would all cry that the Whites called them N.....S and that the White Police brutalized them for no reason at all other than they are Black. few days later you'd see all the bleeding heart White Liberals who lived in the ALL WHITE suburbs and surrounding ALL WHITE neighborhoods flood the projects,holding arms and singing We Shall Overcome as they marched through the Perry with the same damn Racist Black Attackers they went to the courthouse with all the Black Pastors of the storefront churches to help see free, while we White People were made out the wrongdoers by them. this same attitude is alive and well today and even all over Capitol Hill and in this damn Forum...no need to mention any names for anybody with open eyes and ears can see it.

we got run-out of the Perry in the late fall of '69. as the truck pulled away we passed the corner of Louisiana St. and Perry St. and was pelted by rocks and bottles and shouts of ''Goodbye You White MotherF......!, Next Time We'll Kill You!.
just another reason I do not laugh at Richard Pryor, Def Comedy Jam, Chris Rock, David Chappele,
George Lopez, Mind Of Mencina, etc. I turn the channel.
Nobody Dictates To Me Anymore What Is And What Is Not Racism!.

Ave Atque Vale!!!!!!........

01-11-2010, 02:56 PM
Its a sad tale. I guess that things are getting better -- but its going to take many years.
In the meantime we all need to deal with the main problem -- Islam.