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01-13-2010, 03:11 AM
Hi all,

I've finally found a new cue stick to play, which I've had since Friday. It is a Joss cue, model 823 and I tell you what, it plays so well! Here is a picture of it, taken from Joss Cues (http://josscues.com) website :


My previous play cue was a Meucci, which was a very lively, flexible cue that provided too many vibrations when hitting the cue ball, and then too much deflection and made many of my shots go wrong. I'd had this cue for about 12 years and even if I felt OK with it, actually I guess that I just got used to its defects. Now I have the Joss cue, I've realized that, and I've seen a tremendous difference in my play since the first hit with my new cue.

My Joss weighs 19 ounces, the tip diameter is 13 mm with a medium ferrule (neither too long nor too short) and the shaft is very stiff with kinda 'old school', almost straight taper. The shaft is a standard Joss shaft. I've also had a free Joss extra shaft thanks to a special offer on Joss cues in the shop where I ordered it. When ordering, I could choose for a Predator 314 or Z instead of orginal Joss main shaft. But I prefered keeping the standard shaft for several reasons. First, even if adding a Predator shaft was a good deal because there was then a good discount on the original shaft price, it would have made me run out of my budget. Secondly, I'm not a high-leveled player (not yet at least aha!) and I don't think I would have seen a great difference with a Predator shaft compared to a Joss shaft, so it may not have been worth adding a hundred euros to the cue price to my mind. And thirdly, I thought I could first play with Joss shafts, see how it goes and change for Predator shaft if I ever need it in the long run.

Eventually, the Joss shaft has looked good to me so far. It gives a solid hit to my cue, and my shots are now more stable, way less deflection and I feel so comfortable and confident when shooting now. The balance of the cue also looks good to me. Obviously it hasn't tranformed my level in a few days, but I feel like I can play better and I'm sure this cue will help me improve alot.

The cue looks great as well. The artwork is of course a matter of personnal taste, and Joss cues have very nice looks in my opinion. The artwork on my Joss is quite sober, with some little details that make the difference (curly maple reflections, trident ornaments, general quality of craftman work). I think it's important to have a cue you trust, that looks anthentic. This is one of the reasons I chose a traditional cue maker like Joss instead of a more 'industrial' brand. And you can have quality then for any budget. Also, I'm not fond of high-tech stuff, I just wanted a good traditional cue. So I will recommand Joss for sure.

01-14-2010, 01:00 PM
WOW! That's a Beauty!!

01-14-2010, 03:16 PM
How about a pic of the most important half of your cue?

01-15-2010, 08:34 AM

My 2 shafts are standard Joss shafts, 13mm, medi-long ferrule for the main shaft and a longer ferrule (but not that very long though)on the extra shaft. See information on Joss website.