View Full Version : Preliminary feedback say ...

01-18-2010, 11:14 AM
that more than one member here is in violation of the law in a variety of ways.

Criminal and civil violations of the law could include:

- Criminal menacing.

- Conspiracy to commit criminal menacing.

- Copyright infringement.

- Theft of intellectual property.

- Slander.

- Conspiracy to commit slander.

- Stalking.

- Conspiracy to stalk.

and other more minor offenses.

I am not one who wishes to pursue anyone through legal actions at this time.

That being said, I take threats of violence, computer hacking, threats of nuisance suits, and other activity ... perpetrated by a small but rabid clique here ... quite seriously.

Be forewarned that any and all physical assaults and/or legal tomfoolery will be defended with maximum vigor.

Hopefully a few members here will realize that they have no legal authority to limit what others do or don't discuss on a public discussion forum.

If you don't desire your posts to be discussed then don't post them in a public forum.

It really is that simple.