View Full Version : Elizabeth The Brave....Bravo

Gayle in MD
01-29-2010, 11:03 AM
I have always admired Elizabeth Edwards. I really can't imagine how she has gotten the strength to go through everything she has had to suffer through, these last four years, and earlier in her life.

Losing a child, in and of itself, would have destroyed many people. But, this lady has surely had more than her share, and to have survived it all, in one piece, and still go forward with such grace and poise, I can only say, what a woman.

As a cancer survivor, I know what it meant to me to have all the support of famly and friends, and when I think of what courage it takes to walk away from a many years long marriage, change the lives of her children, and divorce her husband, cad that he is, although he has proven himself to be such a poor excuse for a husband, still, he is her husband, and the main person in her life for so long.

I am in awe, that she could gather the poise and strength which she now displays, and has displayed throughout, to make this difficult decision at this time.

While some might comment, gee, she should have left him long ago, and to some degree, that may be intellectually true, still, given everything she must face, I find her courage stunning.

Ending a marriage is like a death, so I have read, seen, and heard, and having to do so while facing death, must be truly daunting. Any woman would ache for her having to go forward alone, after such horrendous, extended public humiliation and embarrassment, tragedy and disappointment, all of it during her on-going treatment for cancer, while fighting to live.

I surely wish her well.


01-29-2010, 11:04 AM
Yep ... she finally ditched a moonbat husband.