View Full Version : Grandpa's accident ...

03-17-2010, 01:19 PM
One day up in the holler, grandpa was cleaning his rifle and forgot that it was loaded.

Well, the gun went off as he was looking down the barrel and too off most of his head above the eyebrows and removed 99% of his brains.

His grandson sped to his side and found that amazingly grandpa still had a strong pulse, a solid heart beat, and was breathing well ... so he loaded gramps in the pick em up truck and sped to the nearest hospital.

Upon arrival he carried his elderly ancestor into the emergency room and yelled "HELP US!"

A nurse rushed over and said "What's the matter?"

The grandson explained what had happened and that grandpa still had a working heart but only 1% of a brain.

The nurse said "It's OK son ... we've treated Obama voters before."